There should be room at the box office this weekend for two drastically different new films.

Opposites Set To Attract Moviegoers

on October 22, 2008 by Phil Contrino

Two totally opposite franchise films are set to make this coming weekend a very profitable one.

Considering that High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Saw V are targeting drastically different audiences, there should be room at the box office for both of them.

HSM3 marks the first time that an entry into the High School Musical series will be released on the bigscreen. The films have gained a massive following through the Disney Channel as well as DVD, and the G rating will allow for large family audiences to go see the film together.

Pre-sales for HSM3 are also extremely promising. As of today, the film ranks 20th on's All-Time Pre-Sale list, and it has been responsible for a whopping 85 percent of the site's ticket sales this week.

With that said, High School Musical 3 should easily finish in first this weekend with a gross of around $35 million or more.

The Saw series has become a Halloween staple at movie theatres since the first film was released in 2004. Surprisingly, each installment has performed very well during its opening weekend. The first Saw opened with an incredibly healthy haul of $18.3 million. After that, Saw II opened with $31.7 million and it remains the most financially successful chapter with a total domestic gross of $87 million. Saw III and Saw IV brought in $33.6 million and $31.8 million, respectively.

Still, Saw V is opening at 2,800 locations, which is 383 less than what Saw IV opened at. The decrease in screens will hurt the film slightly, but Saw V should still finish in second place this coming weekend with around $23 million.

Pride and Glory, which stars Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, opens at 2,600 locations. The film's release date has been delayed and it hasn't received much support in the way of publicity, so P & G will have to struggle to land in the $8-$10 million range this weekend, if it can even go that far.

Changeling is one of this weekend's most promising platform releases. Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie will make for a strong draw, and the film should average close to $50,000 from its 15 locations for an opening weekend take of around $750,000.

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