Tweet counts and analysis for Wednesday, June 30th.

UPDATED Twitter Watch: 'Eclipse' Set to Break Tweet Record...Again.

on June 30, 2010 by Alex Edghill

Wednesday Evening Update: Well The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is at it again, and is poised to yet again smash the tweet record. Currently it is at 301,009 tweets for the day and well on its way to breaking its day old record of 324,167. At its current pace it should manage to break the 450,000 tweet mark. To put its performance into perspective, the film is on track to have more buzz on Twitter in its opening week than every single wide release since last September (including New Moon). Yes its that big. In the meantime, The Last Airbender has really stepped on the gas to the tune of 16,871 tweets and 4.86% market share. Prince of Persia managed 18,488 tweets on its Wednesday before release and more and more the two films look like they are going to perform very similarly.

upcoming070210.jpgWednesday Morning UpdateThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse had a ridiculous 324,167 tweets yesterday, or 84.76% market share. This destroyed the old record set by The Twilight Saga: New Moon of 142,786 on its day before release last November. The film steadily picked up pace during the day but reached fever pitch towards the end when it was securing over 5,000 tweets every 20 minutes. Its hard to argue that the target audience for the film has not grown somewhat since New Moon when looking at these numbers. Yes there is a lot of spam, and international tweets but New Moon also had a high proportion of these things. The massive jump to Tuesday from Monday of almost 300% was also a record since I've been tracking tweets. I had originally thought a ratio of around 4,000 would be in order but the massive Tuesday bump really has spelled out that the hysteria around the film stands alone when it comes to Twitter. New Moon expanded 200% from its Wednesday to Thursday, but with Eclipse getting a 300% bump I would expect a ratio of 5,600 (New Moon had a 5,171). Expect records to tumble when the dust settles from Wednesday's gross as the largest single day gross, the largest Wednesday gross should become its own.

Contrastingly, The Last Airbender really had a slow day as it dropped 32% from Monday's 6,425 tweets and 5.08% market share to 4,368 tweets and 1.14% market share. By comparison, Prince of Persia had 5,182 tweets its Tuesday before release, and Avatar had 5,100. The drop is not very reassuring as to the demand for it, especially considering its tweet friendly target audience and easy search string. It has picked up the pace significantly today so far, but with an expected ratio of ~2,500 I would imagine that a $10 million opening day is on the cards.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies for Tuesday June 29th

Film Buzz Positive Buzz Negative Buzz
1 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 324167 110987 9078
2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I 21160 6392 156
3 The Last Airbender 4368 1087 166
4 Inception 1355 370 59
5 Despicable Me 1328 398 45
6 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 789 175 20
7 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 431 21 7
8 Salt 405 104 13
9 The Social Network 400 43 2
10 Eat Pray Love 355 221 5

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