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UPDATED Twitter Watch: 'Greek' Continues Dominance, 'Marmaduke' Sighting

on June 04, 2010 by Alex Edghill

Friday Afternoon Update: Get Him To The Greek continued where it left off from yesterday and has so far raked in over 4,600 tweets for the day and 9.2% market share. Splice continues to do well with over 1,900 so far to take the second spot. Killers is not far back with 1,656 while Marmaduke for a change is actually showing signs of life with the largest percentage increase of the day and 923 tweets (up from 414 yesterday).


Friday Morning Update: By far the biggest news on Twitter for Thursday was the surge by Get Him To The Greek which saw it securing more buzz than all of the other openers combined. As I reported on Thursday afternoon, its distributor released the first five minutes of the film to the web and that new coupled with its impending release saw it zoom to 4,338 tweets and 7.1% market share. This was up over 100% from Wednesday's 1,467 tweets and 2.3% market share. In addition, its tweet ratings also soared, going to 38.59% positive and 4.5% negative, up from 32.79%/6.07% the day before.

  Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total Friday Ratio
3/26/10 Hot Tub Time Machine 1,299 1,744 1,834 3,245 8,122 $4.55 1,785
4/16/10 Kick Ass 1,743 1,923 3,123 4,002 10,791 $7.60 1,420
6/04/10 Get Him to the Greek 566 1174 1,467 4,338 7,545    

The film is clearly riding a swell of positive buzz which is just what is needed for its target audience. Buzz alone does not translate to Box Office revenue (as Kick Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine both found out earlier this year), but given its numbers it should be assured the top spot with around $7 million on Friday and $19 million for the weekend.

  Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total Friday Ratio
5/14/10 Letters To Juliet 784 718 1,381 1,461 4,344 $5.00 869
6/04/10 Killers 491 867 1,563 1,367 4,288    

Killers failed to live up to its premiere-fueled buzz levels of Wednesday and actually dropped a few points to 1,367 tweets and 2.2% market share, down from 1,563 tweets and 2.5% market share. This is actually very similar to Letter to Juliet's Twitter performance as that film had 1,461 tweets its day before release, up a pinch from 1,381 the day before. The film clearly just doesn't have enough going for it right now to power it to more than mid-teens on the weekend. What it does have going for it is some pretty impressive word of mouth from those who are speaking about it as its Thursday tweets were 34.02% positive and 7.17% negative (up from 31.02% positive and 4.98% negative on Wednesday) which should help its legs in the coming weeks without any romantic comedies in sight. 

  Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total Friday Ratio
1/15/10 The Spy Next Door 261 226 342 623 1,452 $2.43 599
1/22/10 The Tooth Fairy 283 352 445 640 1,720 $3.50 491
3/19/10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 293 347 494 725 1,859 $7.40 251
4/30/10 Furry Vengeance 233 309 397 641 1,580 $1.70 929
6/04/10 Marmaduke 283 231 301 414 1,229    

Really not much more I can say about Marmaduke's buzz or lack thereof. Its Thursday was again miserable, with only 414 tweets and 0.7% market share, up from 301 tweets and 0.5% market share the day before. That gave it 1,229 tweets for the entire week, that is a fourth of what Greek received just today. Yes they are different genres and kids don't have Twitter accounts but that is no excuse for not making more of an effort to use social media to spur discussion and interest. Toy Story 3 is a fine example of how this can be done to drive sales and make people take note. Its 414 mark this Thursday is actually the second lowest of any film since last September with only Everybody's Fine having less (394). In light of the above comparisons and ratios we should be looking at $3.5 million at the Box Office today and $12 million for the weekend.

  Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total Friday Ratio
11/06/09 The Fourth Kind 515 752 873 1,570 3,710 $5.00 742
2/26/10 The Crazies 836 974 1,068 2,134 5,012 $5.90 849
6/04/10 Splice 387 752 1,215 1,587 3,941    

Lastly, Splice had yet another solid day with 1,587 tweets and 2.6% market share, up from 1,215 tweets and 1.9% market share yesterday. There is definitely interest there to see the film but it hasn't appeared to jump outside of traditional scare-lovers based on its buzz numbers. Its ratio will likely come in slightly above the films above simply because of a pretty high amount of negative tweets it has received (was again just above 13% yesterday) which generally is indicative of a larger ratio. We should be looking at $4 million on Friday and $10 million for the weekend.

Check back on Saturday for the final ratio and Friday numbers and again on Sunday for a preview of the following week's openers. Follow @AlexBOXOFFICE on Twitter for additional updates.

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