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UPDATED Twitter Watch: Greek Puts on Buzz Clinic

on June 03, 2010 by Alex Edghill

Thursday Morning Update: In an very savvy move from distributor Universal, the first five minutes of Get Him To The Greek was released on the web today and its effect on the film's buzz has been very dramatic as it has increased its buzz market share to 6.6% (with 3,123 tweets so far), up from 2.3% yesterday. For the record, the other openers Killers, Splice and Marmaduke have seen only a -0.6%, 0.7% and 0.2% bump respectively. This isn't the first time full clips have turned up the day before release for a film, but a definite smart move here for Greek considering how crowded the weekend is and that its target market have evidentally eaten it up. 

upcoming060410.jpgThursday Morning Update: On a day when all other new openers showed marked improvement Marmaduke once again found it hard to make a dent in the landscape and is on track to having one of the poorest buzz levels of all films in the last 9 months in its leadup week. On Wednesday it had the slightest of bumps to 301 tweets and 0.5% market share, up from 231 tweets on Tuesday and 0.4% market share. The silver lining here was that its tweet ratings improved on the day to 19.34% positive and 11.45% negative, a definite improvement from yesterday's 22.13% positive and 20.78% negative. In comparison, The Tooth Fairy had 445 tweets its Wednesday before release, Furry Vengeance had 397, The Spy Next Door had 342 and Diary of a Wimpy Kid had 645. Given these markers the film will likely score $3.5 million at the Box Office on Friday and $12 million for the weekend.

Get Him To The Greek was once again the pick of the crop for the day, coming in with 1,467 tweets and 2.3% market share, up from 1,174 tweets and 1.7% market share on Tuesday. While this was actually slightly under Killers its tweet ratings were the most positive of all openers with 32.79% positive and 6.07% negative (up from 24.44% positive, 5.62% negative). Hot Tub Time Machine had 1,834 tweets its Wednesday before release, so considering its impending lower ratio its a very solid sign that it is closing the gap. This should be able to score $7 million on Friday and $19 million for the full weekend to take second spot on the card behind Shrek Forever After.

Killers had a sizeable bump today thanks to its premiere last night which generated a heap of buzz. Its rode this buzz to 1,563 tweets on Wednesday and 2.5% market share, up from 867 tweets and 1.4% market share on Tuesday. By comparison, Valentine's Day had 5,212 its Wednesday before release, Did You Hear About The Morgans had 179, Letters to Juliet had 1,381 and Date Night had 1,273. The Letters to Juliet number is actually the most telling since it also had its premiere on the Tuesday night which generated a wash of buzz on Wednesday. With very solid tweet ratings (31.02% positive, 4.98% negative) and its tweet numbers being where they are it appears set to ease past Juliet and secure a $5.75 million Friday and $15 million for the full weekend.

Lastly, Splice also saw a significant bump on Wednesday to the tune of 1,215 tweets and 1.9% market share, up from 752 tweets and 1.2% market share on Tuesday. By comparison, The Fourth Kind had 873 tweets its Wednesday before release, and The Crazies had 1,068. Its tweet ratings remained almost identical to yesterday (i.e not the greatest with 18.35% positive and 14.54% negative) but there is definitely solid buzz being generated here in its target audience. Its Thursday bump should be very telling as to its potential but as it stands it should be able to score $4 million on Friday and $10 million for the weekend, a very solid opening weekend considering its budget was only $26 million.

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