Look ahead to next week's new wide release openers: The A-Team, and The Karate Kid.

Twitter Watch: Preview for 'The A-Team' and 'The Karate Kid'

on June 06, 2010 by Alex Edghill

Coming off of yet another softer than hoped Summer weekend, this week will see two of the biggest and presumably most anticipated releases in The A-Team and The Karate Kid. With large production and marketing budgets their respective studios have a lot riding on their backs coming into the weekend.

Date Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
6/11/10 The A-Team 492 950 962 976 3,380
6/11/10 The Karate Kid (2010) 4,764 2535 2,078 2,077 11,454

The A-Team ended the week with a solid if unspectacular 3,380 tweets. Being a hit 80's TV series means that it should appeal to a pretty wide demographic of 18-45. Its stars also do a good job of appealing to all four quadrants which is a huge positive. However, one of its biggest problems with week will be that The Karate Kid is attempting to also appeal to a very wide demographic and it will surely cut into its potential.


Date Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
11/13/09 2012 681 1,271 1,365 1,227 4,544
12/25/09 Sherlock Holmes 758 905 729 991 3,383
2/12/10 The Wolfman 351 345 298 435 1,429
4/2/10 Clash of the Titans 1,232 1,267 1,209 1,278 4,986
5/14/10 Robin Hood 635 597 694 648 2,574

Above are a list of films which all appealed to a wide cross sections of audiences, similar to A-Team here. Its tweet ratings were a solid 26.92% positive and 8.58% negative for last week which is by no means spectacular but definitely above average. The movie is being released in a handful of territories on the same day or one day before but not nearly as much as Robin Hood which served to greatly inflate its ratio. With this in mind it should be looking at a ratio of 750 - 800 for the upcoming week. Considering that it is on track for 12,000 to 14,000 tweets next week a Friday in the high teens to low $20 millions seems entirely possible.

Like The A-Team, The Karate Kid is based on another titan of 80's pop culture. The film is being pushed to a much younger audience, but also being pushed to older demographics in hope of breaking out.


Date Movie Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
2/12/10 Percy Jackson and The Olympians 1,152 1,031 1,165 1,455 4,803
3/5/10 Alice In Wonderland 5,345 5,896 6,326 9,456 27,023

The Kids' numbers this week were greatly inflated by a tweet from teen sensation Justin Bieber promoting a new song he has from the film which gained some serious traction early on in the week. Due to this the film really caught fire with the young female contingent of Twitter. However, by Friday this extra bump had waned and it was actually beaten by A-Team by around 100 tweets. Still, with interest clearly being high from this segment this should create a much higher ratio here than for A-Team. Both of the above comparison films scored a ratio of around 2,000, and The Kid should also slot into that range or just below. With a projected tweet tally of ~18,000 and a ratio of ~1,500 I would expect a Friday figure of around $12 million.

Check back Monday to see how the films are both faring and then again on Tuesday for a full analysis of the Monday numbers. Follow @AlexBOXOFFICE on Twitter for additional updates.

Please check the methodology page for information about the project and historic data.

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