101 Reasons I Am The Greatest Harry Potter Fan In The World

on November 09, 2010 by Katie Aiani

fantastic101.png1) I've been following Harry Potter for ten years.
2) My room is 100 percent covered in Harry Potter.
3) I've been a fan since before the movies came out.
4) I promote Harry Potter everywhere I go.
5) I listen to the books on iTunes at work almost every day and have done so for years.
6) I have read every Harry Potter book over 40 times each.
7) I have read the seventh Harry Potter book over 65 times.
8) My life goal is to meet J.K. Rowling and thank her for giving us this magical world and getting kids to read.
9) I'm a master at Harry Potter trivia.
10) I play Quidditch on weekends with a college team.
11) I check Mugglenet at least 20 times a day to keep up with all the latest news.
12) I would love to have a Harry Potter wedding in any of the film locations.
13) I have been on the Harry Potter fan trip in the UK and visited many of the filming locations-and I am going back again on the tour in July 2011.
14) I have a personally designed Golden Snitch/Deathly Hallows tattoo on my wrist.
15) My cell phone's ring tone and voice message play Harry Potter music and ask you to go read the books.
16) My friends and family can vouch for me that my life is all about Harry Potter.
17) My work, friends and previous jobs know me officially as Katie Potter or Hermione.
18) I have enough Harry Potter shirts for a new one each day for months.
19) My sister and I made our own extendable ears.
20) We also made our own Pygmy Puffs and Decoy Detonators.
21) I have the full school uniform and wear it in public for any Harry Potter occasion.
22) I know the webmaster of Mugglenet, the Harry Potter fan website, and he agrees that I am one crazy fan.
23) I have met six of the Harry Potter actors.
24) My emails are Harry Potter-related names.
25) I dream about one day visiting the inside of the set.
26) I have attended the Sonorous Harry Potter convention.
27) I have attended the Azkatraz 2009 convention.
28) I have attended Infinitus 2010 in Florida.
29) I visited the Harry Potter theme park this past July-even their workers think I'm a big fan.
30) I cried when I entered the Wizarding World park...and cried when I rode each ride for the first time... and cried when I first drank Butterbeer.
31) I have tried to make my own Butterbeer.
32) I have played Quidditch with four different sets of rules in two countries.
33) I have ridden the real Hogwarts Express train in Scotland.
34) I will be reading Harry Potter to my kids before they are even born.
35) Every mention of owls, glasses, trains, magic, lightning or anything remotely mentioned from the books makes me think of Harry Potter.
36) I have radar for Harry Potter if it is even mentioned in someone else's conversation across the room.
37) I collect everything Harry Potter.
38) I am not a fan girl over the actors. I am a true Harry Potter fan of the original books.
39) I have been interviewed by three television stations, one radio station and many college news programs.
40) I have attended the unofficial Harry Potter Day at Disneyland in costume.
41) I never leave home without some form of the Harry Potter books. I have them on my iPod in case I need to check any facts.
42) I collect the first Harry Potter book in a variety of languages.
43) I have written high school and college essays on the science of Harry Potter and the fact that in the future, the books will become classic novels.
44) I have researched J.K. Rowling's life and truly idolize her for overcoming her many struggles.
45) I am a walking Harry Potter dictionary.
46) I have attended every midnight book release and movie release in costume.
47) My car has Harry Potter bumper stickers all over its back.
48) I could talk and debate Harry Potter all day.
49) I believe 100 percent that Harry Potter is not a children's book, but a story worthy for all ages.
50) In high school, I would memorize vocabulary words by putting them into Harry Potter-related sentences and then present them in front of class.
51) If I'm ever sad or sick, I read Harry Potter and it cheers me up and puts a smile on my face.
52) I can relate to many of the characters from the books in real life, especially Hermione Granger.
53) I would turn down $100,000 just to meet J.K. Rowling.
54) Every Halloween, I dress up as Hermione.
55) I have 17 wands modeled after the movies.
56) I carve and create my own wands out of sticks found on backpacking trips.
57) I never know when I will need my Nimbus 2000 modeled after the movie (and other brooms) so I keep them in my car.
58) Chocolate frogs and blood pops are my favorite desserts.
59) I have tried every single flavor of Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans.
60) My fish's name is Severus Snape.
61) I attended the midnight opening to The Tales of the Beetle Bard book release at Whimsic Alley in LA (an all-out Harry Potter store).
62) I've read the books to kids' groups at midnight book release parties at Barnes & Noble.
63) Hermione's dream of SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) has inspired me to promote local animal rescue groups.
64) I have been to the parking lot of Leavesden Studios where the movies are filmed (but was not allowed inside).
65) I have visited Hollywood Blvd. to see the hand, shoe and wand prints in the cement outside the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
66) Every Halloween, I carve a Harry Potter theme into my pumpkins.
67) I have memorized the StarKid production of A Very Potter Musical.
68) I have met and compared myself to hundreds of Harry Potter fans around the world and I still truly believe that I am one of the biggest fans in the world.
69) I volunteer every year to design an elegant Harry Potter-themed table for the annual Zonta Club High Tea, which raises money for battered women's shelters. Attendees vote with money on their favorite table and last year, I won third place.
70) No matter where I go, I'm always wearing something Harry Potter-related.
71) In 2001, I bought a blue wristband in London on my Harry Potter tour and have never taken it off to remember all my friends I made and my magical Harry Potter journey.
72) I own real Harry Potter paper money issued in the UK.
73) I have been lucky enough to visit the exact hotel room that J.K. Rowling wrote the final part of the final book and sat at the exact desk she wrote on.
74) I had the privilege to visit some of the set pieces in Hollywood after the third movie was released. There, I sat on some of the poofs used in Professor Trelawney's classroom, gazed into the same crystal balls and viewed the stacked teacups and map plans.
75) I own the books in both the US English version and the UK versions.
76) I have talked many of my friends into reading the books.
77) I have attempted to figure out the exact location of Hogwarts if it were real.
78) I have read books that analyze the Harry Potter books and tried to predict the endings before the final book was out.
79) I cried after every character's death throughout the series.
80) I have met Steve Vander Ark, creator of the Harry Potter Lexicon, and talked at length with him about his decisions and books.
81) I am on the official Warner Bros. Harry Potter mailing list.
82) I have two full trunkloads of Harry Potter merchandise from all seven movies and books.
83) I have taken multiple and lengthy quizzes to ensure my house placement: Gryffindor!
84) I have an autograph from J.K. Rowling given to me by a friend.
85) I have real dreams about Harry Potter and the magical world when I sleep.
86) I have been to the real platform 9¾ and really tried going through the wall.
87) I categorize my friends and teachers into Harry Potter characters based on looks and personality.
88) I have started to study a bit of Latin to dive deeper into the meanings of spells, names and places used in the books.
89) I made sure to be in the UK for the final book release just so I could get the book and read it before it was released in the US.
90) I was lucky enough to get tickets to see an advanced screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in theaters a day earlier than it was released.
91) I sat through 25 minutes of the official Harry Potter W.O.M.B.A.T. test on J.K. Rowling's website to find out what Wizarding Level I was.
92) I've tried conversing with snakes at the zoo.
93) If I ever have a question about any Harry Potter detail or trivia, I have to jump onto the HP Lexicon to confirm the truth right away or it will bug me until I know.
94) I read the Little White Horse after Jo said it was an inspiration to her.
95) I constantly quote characters in everyday conversations.
96) I have a full-sized Harry Potter poster in front of my desk at work.
97) I own a full-size Gryffindor Sword movie replica.
98) I wore my Harry Potter outfit to a friend's wedding.
99) When I ride the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, I take pictures next to the "thestral" pulling their carriage and name the ghosts inside after the ghosts of Hogwarts.
100) Once at Christmas, I donated five Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone books to Toy for Tots.
101) I am prepared to defend the Harry Potter books against any who claim they are witchcraft or shouldn't be allowed in the classroom.


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