Blake Edwards in '88: I Have a Hunch Bruce Willis is Going To Make Dramas

on December 16, 2010 by Amy Nicholson

blakeedwardsfeature.pngComedy writer and director Blake Edwards died Wednesday at 88. His most memorable creations were Holly Golightly, Inspector Clouseau and ... Bruce Willis? Among his achievements, Edwards was the first in Hollywood to put the Moonlighting star on the big screen. Blind Date (1987) and the quirky Hollywood Western Sunset (1988) were flops and their pivotal partnership has been forgotten. In a May 1988 Boxoffice interviewjust months before the release of Die HardEdwards talks about his commitment to making Willis a movie star (even casting him at the expense of Madonna) and makes this uncannily accurate prediction about Willis' career: "I have a hunch that Bruce is going to work more towards drama, perhaps even spitefully ... No one did Cary Grant better than Cary Grant, and hopefully nobody will be able to do Bruce Willis better than Bruce Willis."

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A fan trailer for Sunset. Edwards cast Willis to play Hollywood cowboy Tom Mix against James Garner's Wyatt Earp. 

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