INTERVIEW: Podcast #4: A Good Man is Hard to Find

on January 14, 2011 by Amy Nicholson

podcast4.pngNicolas Cage's turn as a bedeviled crusader in Season of the Witch sends Boxoffice Editor-in-Chief Amy Nicholson and Contributing Writer Todd Gilchrist spinning through Cage's storied filmography. Cage is loved, but can his choices be justified? What makes a great actor versus an expensive ham? Gilchrist throws down the gauntlet: his article 'Six Reasons to Still Take Nicolas Cage Seriously.' Amy parries. En guarde! And the debate spills forward into This Week in Boxoffice History with Boxoffice's January 2001 predictions for Hollywood's Male Stars of Tomorrow. Two words: Wilmer Valderrama. But judge not lest history judge youor really, let history judge you as Todd and Amy place their own bets on the leading men of 2021, gambling on smart picks (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), expensive risks (Shia LeBeouf) and wild cards (Adam G. Sevaniwait, who?) They wrap up with their pick for what you should see this week in the multiplex andangels be praised!they agree. Know this: it rhymes with "Schmean Schmornet."

This week's episode was taped in person from sunny Los Angeles.

Click below to listen.



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