Video: How 'The Rite' Screenwriter Colin O'Donoghue Made Demonic Possession Believable

on January 27, 2011 by Todd Gilchrist

theriteinterview.pngOn Friday, Mikael Hafstrom's film The Rite arrives in theaters. Unintentionally, it seems to be riding the crest of a wave of religious- or demonic-themed horror films, following last year's The Last Exorcism and Paranormal Activity 2, but it distinguishes itself by being adapted by Colin O'Donoghue from a nonfiction book by real-life exorcist Mike Boglio. Boxoffice sat down with O'Donoghue last week at the Los Angeles press day for The Rite, where the screenwriter talked about the challenges of creating a tale of demonic possession that was both dramatic and believable.


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