Paul Bettany On ‘Iron Man''s Jarvis: "There's Talk About Making Him Flesh And Blood"

on April 03, 2011 by Todd Gilchrist

priestpaulbettany.pngPaul Bettany, star of the new movie Priest, scoffed at the idea that he is now the indisputable voice of Iron Man's robot butler, Jarvis, but indicated that there might be a possibility he would play the character's live-action counterpart. "Oh, they'll probably just get some other Englishman," Bettany said about the prospect of being replaced on Iron Man 3. "But there's talk about making him flesh and blood in flashbacks at some point, which could be fun."

Boxoffice spoke exclusively with Bettany during a San Francisco press day for Priest, his action-filled follow-up to 2010's Legion. He said that his work on the first two Iron Man films was a relatively insignificant effort for him careerwise, but it has given him a surprising wealth of recognition and success. "You know, that's one of the craziest jobs I've ever had," Bettany said. "I get called up about a day before the film comes out, and they say, ‘Paul, we've got all of these words we want you to say,' and I turn up in a studio and do it for half an hour. But the impact that it's had is really funny, because people talk to me about it a lot, and yet the impact in my actual life in whatever it is, these two or three years, is a commitment of an hour or so in a recording studio with Jon Favreau, who I really, really adore - he's a very funny man."

Whether he revisits Jarvis via voiceover or as an actor, Bettany indicated he probably wouldn't know until the last minute. "I expect to not know until one day before the film, and they go, ‘oh - Jarvis!'"

Priest is being release in theaters nationwide on May 13, 2011.


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