Exclusive: Leon Vitali, Kubrick's closest confidant speaks out about their unusual partnership

on June 22, 2011 by Todd Gilchrist

Few people can claim to have knownreally knownStanley Kubrick, but one of them is Leon Vitali. After co-starring in the director's 1975 film Barry Lyndon, Vitali became one of Kubrick's trusted friends and his on-the-set everyman, serving as everything from an assistant to a consultant to a casting director on the auteur's last three films: Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket and The Shining. Warner Home Video's new Blu-ray box set Stanley Kubrick: The Limited Edition Collection showcases some of the Kubrick-Vitali partnerships, and BOXOFFICE took the opportunity to sit down with the actor and former assistant to talk about befriending the notoriously reclusive Kubrick, how they worked and played together, and the esteemed filmmaker's strategy to live his life away from the Hollywood spotlight.

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