'The Stunt Man' Director Richard Rush Revisits His Polarizing Film

on July 05, 2011 by Todd Gilchrist

The Stunt Man is tough to like, but easy to respect. Dominic Frontiere's carnival-like musical score sets up this nutcase and wildly unpredictable thriller about a fugitive (horror stalwart Steve Railsback) who poses as a stunt man on a movie set where the director (Peter O'Toole) enjoys torturing his actorspossibly even to the death if he gets a dynamite shot. Director Richard Rush's twisty tale earned three Oscar noms and a lot of enemies. (Afterward, Rush only ever made one other film, the bizarro Bruce Willis psychodrama Color of Night.) But Severin Films' spectacular new Blu-ray release showcases The Stunt Man's signature oddness: it's one of the most fascinating portraits of filmmakingrealistic or notever put on film. Boxoffice and Richard Rush sat down for a long, detailed interview about this curious classic and the rest of his quirky career from Freebie and the Bean to working with '80s-era Bruce Willis.

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