Video: B-Movie Queen Sybil Danning Discusses 'Battle Beyond the Stars'

on July 27, 2011 by Todd Gilchrist

sybildanninginterview.pngFor decades, Sybil Danning was a B-Movie queen. Appearing in films like Bluebeard, Amazon Women on the Moon, Reform School Girls, Chained Heat, Malibu Express and Warrior Queen, the bosomy blonde inspired such movie love among ‘80s teenagers that her cameo in Rob Zombie's "Werewolf Women of the SS" trailer from Grindhouse stireed an instant, passionate nostalgia. While mainstream commercial success eluded her, she earned a place in movie history as an empowered, genre-friendly role model-who was easy on the eyes, to boot. Shout! Factory recently released a Blu-ray of Roger Corman's Star Wars-inspired Battle Beyond the Stars in which Danning plays a galactic Valkyrie warrior wearing a costume so low cut, she could ignite a new sun. Boxoffice was lucky enough to sit down with Danning and talk about Corman's ‘70s sci-fi opus and the challenges she found in finding fulfilling work throughout her career.

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