OPINION: A look at the latest 'The Muppets' posters, and what 'Twilight' could learn from them.

'The Muppets' Take Manh- Er, Vampires?

on November 15, 2011 by Ross A. Lincoln

The Muppets Marketing has been rather brilliant. Sometimes blatant parody, other times relying on selling the Muppets on their own terms, every commercial and every poster gives a hint to those who haven't seen the film what I found out two weeks ago, that at long last, this is the one that gets them right. I still can't talk very much about the film in detail until later this week, but I will risk violating embargo by adding that I've listened to the soundtrack album about 15 times in the last 3 days alone, and believe me, it's as good as I thought when I saw the film. 

While you wait for next week's release (and, one hopes, for my comments on it), I want to share the latest bit of whimsy from The Muppets marketing team. It's a series of posters parodying the Twilight franchise. 




What's kind of sad is that these posters, despite being parodies featuring Muppets, are vastly more effective than anything associated with Twilight: Breaking Dawn marketing, and yet the Twilight series is basically guaranteed to make more money. Just to put things into perspective, here's an actual poster for the next Twilight film:


I have no dog in the Twilight fight. I haven't read the books, and I'll probably see the latest film under the same circumstances I saw prior installments - only if it happens to be on cable and I'm feeling campy. I'm obviously not the target audience for them, and though i think it's rather sad to see grown men and women enthralled by them, I suppose there's plenty of room for 12 year olds to have bad taste in literature until they become exposed to good writing. But look at that poster. I can't figure why the owners of the Twilight film franchise don't seem to care one way or the other about their promotion of the series. Twilight marketing has the stink of 'these idiots will buy anything ' all over it, and Breaking Dawn (part 1) is the worst offender. The posters are lifeless, barely a step above the kind of thing you'd hang on your wall in 6th grade, but the infamously terrible billboards are a whole new level of crassness, barely meeting the standard of a sub-par romance novel cover. 

Whether or not the Twilight series is any good - and you're allowed to disagree with me and think it's wonderful, if you like, I guess - it has to feel insulting to be a fan of the movies. The Muppets, on the other hand, is a deft example of respecting both the film and the fans. Which might be a perfect illustration of why the Muppets have been so sorely missed. The thing that most distinguishes the Henson creations is that, no matter what age group they're aimed at, they never treat the audience like saps. 

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