Five Minute Film Guide: Every Indie Film Opening This Weekend (2/24/12 Edition)

on February 24, 2012 by Sara Maria Vizcarrondo


Forgiveness of Blood
An Albanian teen runs from a family who seek to avenge the death of their son. The law sides with the avengers and as the teen's father (and accidental killer) stews in jail, the boy has to run for his life. Unwilling to relinquish his future because of a centuries-old law, this youth won't be punished for his elder's crime. "I'm sorry" isn't cutting it.
Director: Joshua Marston
Writers: Joshua Marston, Andamion Murataj
Stars: Tristan Halilaj, Sindi Lacej, Refet Abazi
Genre: Drama; Albanian-language, subtitled



Do the kids who have drunken, accidentally procreative sex get off easy? (Pun not intended.) Not here. In this comedy of errors, nine couples' moments of conception are exposed to touching, embarrassing, epic and horrifying effect.
Director: Josh Stolberg
Writer: Josh Stolberg
Stars: Sarah Hyland, Alan Tudyk, Steve Howey
Genre: Comedy


How To Start A Revolution
From a completely unassuming walk-up in Boston, Professor Gene Sharp cultivates orchids and dissent. His book From Dictatorship to Democracy features 198 "weapons" (think peaceful but powerful) to topple dictators and has inspired multiple overthrows. Film also includes insurgent leaders from Serbia, Ukraine, Egypt and Syria who discuss their unique struggles towards democracy. Kids, don't try this in schoolunless your teacher really deserves it.
Director: Ruaridh Arrow

Iranian Taboo
Though the Baha'i religion is a product of Iran, it's been widely rejected by the country's Islamic culture. Cast off by the society that bore it, the religion's identifies as an orphan in its homeland, while in America, its devotees include Dizzy Gillespie, Carol Lombard and Rainn Wilson. Enter veteran filmmaker Reza Allamehzadeh, who though banned from filming much of Iranian Taboo himself, his dedicated friends smuggled him footage to make it happen.
Director: Reza Allamehzadeh



Jodi Breakers
In a nation with so many arranged marriages, it's natural to have a few spouses begging for liberation from the shackles of wedlockand that's where Sid comes in. He's a break-up artist for hire and his business is booming! Until he falls in love with another break-up artist. Is it time for Sid to close shop?
Director: Ashwini Chaudhary
Writer: Ashwini Chaudhary
Stars: Bipasha Basu, Helen, Pradeep Kharab
Genre: Musical; Hindi-language, subtitled

Neon Flesh
Some kids draw pictures, other kids bring home good report cards, but Ricky chooses the old-fashioned route way to impress his jailbird mom: starting a brothel. Before he greets her when she's released from prison, he's determined to "bring home the bacon." The family values may be skewed but the gesture is-bizarrely-still sweet.
Director: Paco Cabezas
Writer: Paco Cabezas
Stars: Mario Casas, Vicente Romero, Luciano Cáceres
Genre: Action; Spanish-language, subtitled

The Fairy Word
A sort of spiritual sequel to Le Havre, this comedy watches a struggling young man get his wishes granted by a darling young woman who, moments after, evaporates into thin air. He travels from hovel to hovel in pursuit of the creature, but her wiles and magic won't be found. This tiny French fantasy is the brainchild of the trio behind 2008's Rumba.
Directors: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy
Writers: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy
Stars: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy
Genre: Romantic fantasy; French-language, subtitled

Tomorrow When The World Began
A surprisingly non-apocalyptic actioner out of Australia puts a group of young campers on the sidelines of a war that begins during their holiday. They hike, revel and screw-and then stop as jets and bombers pass overhead. Truly, there are scarier things than watchers in the woods, and up against this gang of twentysomethings, those tanks don't stand a chance. A sequel is coming.
Director: Stuart Beattie
Writer: Stuart Beattie
Stars: Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Lincoln Lewis
Genre: Action


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