FREE! Boxoffice Weekly on the iPad: Rookie cops and "mas cowbell!"

on March 16, 2012 by Amy Nicholson

Here's what's inside this week's FREE issue of Boxoffice Weekly on the iPad

*Interviews: With 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller plus stars Brie Larson and Dave Franco
*Movie Math: Untangling Judd Apatow's wild, wild web of comedy 
*Class Reunion: 21 Jump Street claims the original show was real—so where are the '80s heartthrob cops now?
*You're Wrong: Now that Will Ferrell has shot a movie in Spanish, which language should he do next?
*After School: How do you say "More cowbell" in español? 
*Expert Opinion: An Anthropologist goes to John Carter's Barsoom—and learns more about life in 1912 
*January Jones vs. Christina Hendricks: Which Mad Men bombshell has the best chance of a big career?
*Box Office Breakdown: Numerical proof that Hollywood should stop exploring Mars
*One Sheet: Touchable trivia about A Nightmare on Elm Street 
*Talk-back: What TV show do you hope Hollywood never reboots?
*Fast-Forward: What's the deal with the Farrelly Brothers' Three Stooges?
*The Pulse: Patented box office prediction technology made with the help of Twitter and Facebook 
*Look Sharp: How carefully can you watch the trailer for Jeff, Who Lives at Home?
*International: Which films rule in Arnold Schwarzenegger's homeland of Austria
*Last Laugh: The best tweets about #WoodyAllenThemeRestaurant
*Million Dollar Movie: Watch the entire 1960 chiller Horror Hotel—"Just ring for doom service!"
*Reviews: Of 21 Jump Street, plus the scoop on every indie film opening this week 

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