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on April 20, 2012 by Amy Nicholson

fiveyearipadpitch.jpg*Interviews: With The Lucky One's Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling and Nicholas Sparks, plus The Five Year Engagement's Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller
*Expert Opinion: This Stooges Fan has never heard of the Farrelly brotherswill he be cool with a nun in a bikini?
*Monkey Business: Five strange but true ape facts from Disneynature's Chimpanzee
*Bosom Buddies: Four classic buddy flicks get a brand new partner
*Hollywood, Heal Thyself: After Think Like a Man, six more self-help adaptations we'd actually watch
*Movie Math: What's deadlier than a shark attack? Starring in a Nicholas Sparks movie
*One Sheet: In honor of Pirates! Band of Misfits, touchable trivia about the Spielberg's swash-buckling Hook
*You're Wrong: Edgar Allen Poe = check. Which great author deserves the next crazy biopic?
*Fast-Forward: Why Battleship is sinking...flying saucers?
*The Pulse: Patented box office prediction technology made with Twitter, Facebook and science
*Look Sharp: Try to kick more ass than Jason Statham on our quiz about Safe
*International: Finland loves saunas, Renny Harlin and movies about Nazis from space
*Sneak Peek: See huge, hi-rez early shots of Cloud Atlas and The Raven
*Last Laugh: The funniest tweets about #HarryPotterChatupLines. "Do you play Quiddtich? Because you look like a keeper."
*Million Dollar Movie: Watch Bogie in a "bold adventure that beats them all!"1953's Beat the Devil
*Reviews: Of Think Like a Man, The Lucky One and Chimpanzee, plus the scoop on every indie film opening this week

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