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on April 06, 2012 by Amy Nicholson

titanic3dipad.png*Interviews: With Titanic's Jon Landau and American Reunion's Tara Reid
*Pie Fight: The American Reunion gang on being in their thirties and going back for fourths
*Nerds Assemble: Morgan Spurlock takes a bite out of Comic-Con
*Expert Opinion: A Classic PhD compares Wrath of the Titans to...The Simpsons?
*Just Desserts: American Pie? Nah, it's Serbian Slatko if you're in Belgrade
*Teen Spirit: Four other '90s classics that deserve a reunion
*Pope Not-So-Pious: The six best Papal pics, plus how to make the pope's hat
*Movie Math: Titanic vs. Titanicwhich passion project was the bigger behemoth?
*Talk-back: What's the movie that turned you into a film fanatic?
*Box Office Breakdown: The rise and falland future perilsof Sam Worthington
*One Sheet: Touchable trivia about the original American Pie, including where to buy that pie
*You're Wrong: Which James Cameron classic should go 3D next? A debate
*Fast-Forward: Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator rattles its sabers
*The Pulse: Patented box office prediction technology made with Twitter, Facebook and science
*Look Sharp: How carefully can you watch the trailer for The Three Stooges?
*International: Italy only loves one American blockbuster this weekand it ain't Hunger Games
*Sneak Peek: See the latest early shots of The Dark Knight Rises in full-screen
*Last Laugh: The funniest tweets about Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs
*Million Dollar Movie: Naughty teens? Nothing newwatch the entire 1961 pulp classic Wild Youth
*Reviews: Of American Reunion and Titanic 3D, plus the scoop on every indie film opening this week

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