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on May 04, 2012 by Amy Nicholson

samjacksonipadpitch.png*Interviews: With The Avengers' Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and the rest of the super team
*By Design: How to make Captain America's comic book shield a reality
*You're Wrong: Should DC Comics shoot their own super group flick?
*Mash Up: Imagine The Breakfast Club...with super powers?
*One Sheet: It took six years to make The Avengers, but 20 to make Watchmen. What went wrong?
*International: Portugal loves The Avengersand we love them for giving us Fast Five's Jaoquim de Almeida
*Million Dollar Movie: Wanna see how old super heroes squabble? Watch the entire 1946 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
*Heavy Hitter: Jason Segel's secret to staying bigliterallyin Hollywood
*Truthiness: The ten best mockumentaries
*Happy Birthday: We toast Universal Studio's 100th anniversary
*Fast-Forward: Snow White and the Huntsman ain't no fairy tale
*The Pulse: Patented box office prediction technology made with Twitter, Facebook and science
*Look Sharp: Get mesmerized by Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows and then try to pass our quiz
*Sneak Peek: See huge, hi-res early shots of Vin Diesel in the next Riddick and Nicholas Hoult in Jack and the Beanstalk
*Last Laugh: The funniest tweets about #AvengersInOtherMoviesbecause Thor 2 is a boring title
*Reviews: Of Marvel's The Avengers, plus the scoop on every indie film opening this week

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