'Pitch Perfect' Is Already A Hit On Facebook And Twitter

on September 28, 2012 by Phil Contrino

pitchperfectbuzz.jpgIf Pitch Perfect turns into a sleeper hit this fall it will be the result of a marketing campaign that is generating plenty of buzz on Facebook and Twitter. 

Pitch Perfect had a banner week on the two influential sites. The fact that the musically-themed film is only opening at 335 locations before going wide to more than 2,700 next week is creating demand.  

From Friday-Thursday, Pitch Perfect's Facebook page added more than 103,000 likes for a total of nearly 400,000. That compares favorably to other new releases such as Looper (+21,039 for a total of 238,475) and Hotel Transylvania (+27,014 for a total of 698,600). 

On Twitter, Pitch Perfect tallied 21,994 tweets from Friday-Thursday. Looper managed 15,060, while Hotel Transylvania inspired 10,956.

This kind of enthusiasm is reason enough to be cautiously optimistic. The caution part is necessary because Pitch Perfect is aimed at a fickle audience: teenage girls. Teenage girls can turn rabid (see The Twilight Saga) or they can talk up a film on Facebook and Twitter for months before ultimately staying away from theaters (see Prom and Charlie St. Cloud).  

Pitch Perfect is also very similar to Joyful Noise and Glee: The 3D Concert Movie. Joyful Noise turned into a modest $30.9 million domestic hit, while Glee 3D failed to capitalize on the popularity of the show and ended up with a mediocre $11.8 million domestically. 

Boxoffice.com is currently predicting a $28 million domestic cume for Pitch Perfect.

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