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007 By the Numbers

on November 06, 2012 by Shawn Robbins

bond.pngIf you've been following the entertainment business this year, you've probably noticed the hype surrounding not just Daniel Craig's anticipated third outing in Skyfallbut the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise marked by the year 2012.

As such, the Internet has become replete with retrospectives on the series and while most are certainly fascinating reads, most of us are now well aware that the Bond series is 50 years old, has seen 6 actors take on the character, and boasts 23 movies (pre-Skyfall) on its resumé - including Sean Connery's unofficial 1983 entry, Never Say Never Again. Et cetera, et cetera...

With that said, here are some 007 numbers that box office enthusiasts might be particularly interested in. And yes, we're including Never Say Never Again in our calculations. It may be unofficial, but it just doesn't seem right to exclude a Connery-portrayed Bond.

The *official* 23rd James Bond adventure, Skyfall, has tallied a massive $287 million internationally (through November 4) after just two weekends. The film makes its North American debut in select IMAX and large format screens starting Thursday, November 8, followed by its wide opening on Friday, November 9.

007 By the Numbers:

Total Domestic Gross: $1.6 billion

Average Opening Weekend: $23.6 million (includes only the 13 most recent films)

Average Domestic Gross: $69.9 million

*Average Domestic Gross (Adjusted for Inflation): $200 million

Highest Non-Inflation-Adjusted Gross: Quantum of Solace ($168.4 million)

Lowest Non-Inflation-Adjusted Gross: Dr. No ($16.1 million)

*5 Highest Estimated Ticket Sellers (2012 Inflation-Adjusted Gross):
1. Thunderball ($491.2 million)
2. Goldfinger ($427.7 million)
3. You Only Live Twice ($278.9 million)
4. Moonraker ($225 million)
5. Die Another Day ($221 million)

5 Lowest Estimated Ticket Sellers (2012 Inflation-Adjusted Gross):
5. On Her Majesty's Secret Service ($129 million)
4. A View to a Kill ($114 million)
3. The Living Daylight ($105 million)
2. The Man with the Golden Gun ($90 million)
1. License to Kill ($70 million)

*Estimated Total and Average Ticket Sales as James Bond:
1. Sean Connery (239.4 million tickets; average = 38.1 million tickets per movie)
2. Roger Moore (135.7 million tickets; average = 19.4 million tickets per movie)
3. Pierce Brosnan (103.8 million tickets; average = 25.9 million tickets per movie)
4. Daniel Craig (48.9 million tickets and counting; average = 24.4 million tickets per movie and counting)
5. Timothy Dalton (21.8 million tickets; average = 10.9 million tickets per movie)
6. George Lazenby (16 million tickets from 1 movie)

Longest Streak of Increasing Domestic Grosses: 6
License to Kill > GoldenEye > Tomorrow Never Dies > The World Is Not Enough > Die Another Day > Casino Royale > Quantum of Solace

Longest Streak of Declining Domestic Grosses: 3 (3 times)
Thunderball > You Only Live Twice > On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diamonds Are Forever > Live and Let Die > The Man with the Golden Gun
> Never Say Never Again > A View to a Kill

*Total Estimated Tickets Sold: 560 million

**Top 5 Worldwide Grosses (as of 11/4/12):
Casino Royale ($594.2 million)
Quantum of Solace ($586.1 million)
Die Another Day ($432 million)
The World Is Not Enough ($361.8 million)
GoldenEye ($352.2 million)
Skyfall ($287 million as of 11/4)

* = Grosses adjusted to account for re-releases as much as possible
** = Data available for only 8 films

Unless otherwise noted, all figures represent domestic data only.

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