Forum Buzz: Most Anticipated Movies (Inaugural Edition)

on November 29, 2012 by Shawn Robbins

forum-ant.pngThe Forums have become a burgeoning community of box office enthusiasts and movie fans, replete with a very wide range of opinions and film tastes. We've decided it is time to start recognizing that excitement and anticipation from our very own forum members. After all, who better to hear about what movies are exciting fans than directly from some of those fans themselves?

As part of this new regular feature, we'll be looking at the ten most anticipated upcoming movies among our forum members. Anyone can contribute to this list by visiting this forum topic, reading the first post, and then posting your own ten most anticipated movies.

Please note: you will need to register a forum account in order to post if you haven't already. Once registered, you easily keep track of that discussion to keep up the most recent updates. (Just hit "Follow this topic" button near the top right of the page.)

The list is compiled each week with the assistance of forum member Nathan Frederick (username tribefan695) and includes any movie due for wide release within the next twelve months. For example, since Star Wars: Episode VII isn't due for release until 2015, it is currently ineligible for voting.

Without further adieu, below is the current list of most anticipated movies as ranked by forum voters. The number in parenthesis represents the number of spots that film declined or increased from the previous week.

November 16-23, 2012:

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (+1) (2 weeks running)
2. Star Trek Into Darkness (+2)
3. Iron Man 3 (-)
4. Thor: The Dark World (+1)
5. Les Miserables (-3)
6. Man of Steel (+1)
7. Django Unchained (-)
8. The Lone Ranger (+5)
9. Monsters University (+12)
10. Silver Linings Playbook (-5)

Films exiting this week: The Collection, Killing Them SoftlyLife of Pi (#11 last week), Red Dawn and Rise of the Guardians
Films now eligible for voting: FrozenHaunts, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Insidious Chapter 2 and Paranormal Activity 5

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Forum member Nathan Frederick (tribefan695) contributed to this report.

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