UPDATED: Social Network Report: Is 'Spring Breakers' Generating Blockbuster-Level Activity?

on March 23, 2013 by Phil Contrino


Saturday Update: Spring Breakers has added more than 30,000 Facebook likes since early Friday morning, push its total past 430,000. The A24 release inspired 3,365 tweets on Friday with 2:1 positive:negative ratio.

Early reports indicate that the film won't even hit $5 million this weekend. We will release an official projection this morning. 

Friday Update: Spring Breakers has added more than 55,000 likes on Facebook since last Friday. It's total could hit 400,000 after this weekend. The controversial flick inspired 1,931 tweets with a 2:1 positive:negative ratio on Thursday, and our tally is already up to 1,611 for today.

Thursday Update: 
Spring Breakers seems like a movie that's designed to create buzz on Facebook and Twitter. So why isn't it posting huge numbers yet?

Since opening at three locations last Friday, the Spring Breakers Facebook page has added 39,596 new likes for a total of nearly 384,000. That's a steady stream of new potential ticket buyers, but it doesn't exactly scream "breakout hit." Spring Breakers inspired a total of 6,441 tweets during the same period. Again, that's a healthy number but it's far from blockbuster Twitter status. The tweets during that period averaged a 3:1 positive:negative ratio, which means that the film may also have its share of detractors already. 

Spring Breakers' expansion to more than 1,000 locations this weekend should help stir things up on Facebook and Twitter. The controversial film is bound to inspire passionate reactions as more movie-goers discover it. The reality is that plenty of teenage girls who grew up watching co-star Selena Gomez on television and obsessing over her relationship with Justin Bieber will sneak in to see the film and end up walking out of the theater with serious culture shock. Tweets should come flooding in. 

Boxoffice.com is currently predicting a $9.1 million haul for Spring Breakers this coming weekend. That could only be the beginning for a film that is destined to become one of the most talked-about efforts of 2013. Stay tuned.


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