Trailer Buzz: 'Iron Man 3' Soars Again

on March 08, 2013 by Shawn Robbins

im3.pngThe second full trailer for Iron Man 3 debuted this week less than two months out from the film's highly anticipated May 3 release. Back when the first trailer launched online in October, social network buzz was resoundingly through the roof.

After recently debuting a handful of promotional posters for the summer kick-off, Marvel kept that momentum going. Twitter activity surged by 1,602 percent from the day before the new trailer's launch to a huge 25,821 tweets. The day's 13-to-1 positive-to-negative tweet ratio indicates that fans were generally enthusiastic about what they saw.

For the first three days of the trailer's availability, Iron Man 3 was responsible for 58,346 tweets. That's not far off from the same three-day period after The Avengers debuted its second trailer at the end of February last year when it tallied 69,976 tweets. The Dark Knight Rises saw 80,330 in December 2011--although, the comparison is somewhat skewed with that film as it was the first trailer to actually feature more than a few seconds of new footage.

When it comes to Facebook, Iron Man 3 had a clear advantage in total fans with nearly 13.35 million before the trailer's release. That number increased by a deceivingly low 0.34 percent over the same three-day period--but that represented a 45,281 fan increase. The Avengers increased a comparable 2.7 percent by 20,566 fans, while The Dark Knight Rises saw a slightly more modest Facebook bump of 16,528 fans (a 0.19 percent boost).

In short, buzz for Iron Man 3 certainly hasn't lost momentum and may in fact be stronger than that during the second film's pre-release promotional cycle.

Check back this weekend as the team here at will release our Long Range Forecast and early domestic predictions for Iron Man 3.

Additional Facebook and Twitter reporting by Alex Edghill

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