We analyze the online reaction toward the film's first trailer.

Trailer Buzz: 'The Wolverine' Debuts to Modest Reception

on April 02, 2013 by Shawn Robbins

wolv.pngThe claws are out.

Well, sort of.

After two days of 6- and 20-second clips, 20th Century Fox released the first full teaser for July 26's The Wolverine last Wednesday. The result was a decent 12,625 tweet count on the first day, although the previous day (when MTV posted its 20-second video) hauled in 6,037 itself. Director James Mangold's even shorter clip on March 25 helped generate 3,657 tweets.

The first three days of the full teaser's availability (March 27-29) were responsible for 26,162 tweets carrying an average of 6.3 positive comments for every negative one. When it comes to Facebook fans, the film jumped a solid 2.6 percent by gaining nearly 16,000 fans during the same period.

Overall though, there's still work to be done. The Wolverine's Twitter buzz is significantly lower than that of Man of Steel (which generated 76,678 tweets with its trailer debut in December) and Iron Man 3 (150,436 tweets after its teaser launched in October). The positive-to-negative tweet ratio was also way off the pace of those films (16.7-to-1 for Man of Steel and 11-to-1 for Iron Man 3).

The somewhat good news here is that online comic fans are finding the film's premise more enticing than 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine--which sent even hardcore fans running the other way after opening weekend. This year's installment is based on a popular story from comic book canon that follows the title character to Japan. Hugh Jackman's return is also one thing most can agree on as a preferred move.

Still, while the trailer helps show off a slightly different direction for The Wolverine, the ultimate struggle here will be winning back general audiences. The film's inability to compete with other big summer blockbusters in terms of the online buzz they created with their trailer launches is a clear indicator that some fatigue has diminished interest among the uninitiated.

Plenty of time remains to build up hype, and continuing buzz for 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past can't hurt, but it will ultimately take great word of mouth to give The Wolverine a chance at coming close to the box office success of previous X-Men-related movies.

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