Social Network Futures: 'Iron Man 3' Gears Up for Final Marketing Stretch

on April 15, 2013 by Shawn Robbins

im3.pngThe highly anticipated release of Marvel's Iron Man 3 is less than four weeks away, which means it's time to take a look at how the film's online buzz is measuring up before the final marketing stage kick in.


From April 5-10, Iron Man 3 was responsible for a fantastic 13,315 tweets. The film is generating consistent chatter thanks to the debut of a new scene that during Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards. Additionally, the movie held its world premiere in Beijing, China followed by Moscow's own premiere last week.

Compared to recent blockbusters and comparable films during similar 5-day periods one month out from release, Iron Man 3's Twitter activity remains at a healthy level.

The Avengers: 23,203
The Hobbit: 19,242
Iron Man 3: 13,315
The Dark Knight Rises: 7,236
Iron Man 2: 5,369
Thor: 3,036


Through April 9, Iron Man 3 boasted over 13.76 million fans on Facebook--a solid number for a second sequel in a series as it continues to gain momentum approaching the release date. By comparison, The Dark Knight Rises carried 11.69 million fans at the same point in the release cycle. Transformers: Dark of the Moon was responsible for 6.34 million.


Lastly, fan anticipation on Flixster follows the lead of the other social networking sites with positive results thus far. Iron Man 3 has an incredible 99% "want to see" score from almost 93,000 voters. That latter number will only continue to climb at a more rapid pace as May 3 approaches. It does have to some work ahead to catch up to The Avengers, which closed with a 97% score from more than 159,000 users on the day before its release.

We're currently predicting a $151 million opening weekend and $375 million domestic haul for Iron Man 3. Continue visiting in the coming weeks as our analysis on summer's kick-off continues.

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