The studio's first summer releases are driving strong social network activity.

Will 'The Great Gatsby' & 'The Hangover Part III' Combine for a Strong Warner Bros. May?

on April 25, 2013 by Shawn Robbins

th3-gats.pngWhen it comes to social network metrics, we expect to see fan-driven genre franchises frequently posting strong results in Facebook and Twitter analyses. It comes as no surprise when Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, or Star Trek Into Darkness rest among the top ten tweeted-about films (as they currently do for this week). But two other May releases are making waves themselves.

The Hangover Part III has been lighting up Facebook all week--and, really, ever since its two trailers debuted. Dating back to April 19, the trilogy-closer has added a massive 1.017 million fans (for a total of 23.6 million and counting). That's 3.4 times more new fans than any other movie during the same time frame--an impressive statistic when considering the film was *losing* fans nearly two months ago. Once the teaser trailer debuted in early March, things started turning around.

The more surprising turn of events, however, has been the quickly ascending popularity of The Great Gatsby. Strategic marketing has helped that film gain almost 93,000 fans since last Friday. The total through Wednesday, April 24 was at 392,335. The film isn't just holding its own on Facebook against heavyweights like Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel, though: Gatsby has also been the second-most discussed film on Twitter since April 19. Only Thor: The Dark World has topped it in recent days thanks to the debut of its first trailer.

What does it all mean?

For The Hangover Part III, the surge in Facebook fans (alongside solid Twitter activity of its own) indicates a renewed willingness among audiences to check out the (planned) final film in the comedy trilogy--good news when considering the weaker word of mouth of the second movie and Part III's opening weekend competition are going to make it difficult for this entry to post numbers as large as its predecessors.

For Gatsby, Warner Bros.' strategy for counter-programming could be paying off. Sandwiched between a host of big summer blockbusters, Gatsby promises to be the only adult-centric fare in theaters for quite some time. The star-studded cast, popularity of the novel, Baz Luhrmann's own fan base, and a strong marketing campaign are doing their job so far. The use of music from modern-day artists could even be helping to expand the appeal of the movie to younger audiences--a strategy that recently worked well for another WB movie (42).

Stay tuned to as we continue to update our analyses and expectations for these two films in the coming weeks.

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