'The [Long] Dark Knight'

165 comments on June 27, 2008 by Adam Clement

In 2005, Batman Begins was able to do what Frank Miller’s 1986 graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns did for the once-campy comic book character. It rejuvenated a worn and commercially battered icon, taking him back to the pulpy and gothic roots originally laid out by creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Now, The Dark Knight looks to continue running on the same steam which powered Batman Begins. Judging by the footage already released in trailers and clips, ...

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Anticipating August

44 comments on June 26, 2008 by Adam Clement

As the summer sun begins to set in August, the quality of movies often fades with it. Yet this August seems a little more promising, and it may be the continuation of a larger trend. Despite the reputation August has as the dumping ground for less-than-stellar fare, recent years have begun to exhibit a movement in a different direction. Breaking the month’s mold, last August saw the critical and commercial success of both Superbad and The Bourne Ultimatum. Though for every one of those hits there are often two or more misses.

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Big Expectations For A Little Robot

22 comments on June 24, 2008 by Phil Contrino

By Phil Contrino This Friday, the juggernaut animation duo of Pixar and Disney will make another addition to their already classic list of collaborations when WALL-E opens across the country. The Pixar/Disney connection has brought us inside the world of superheroes, talking toys and even fish. Now, with WALL-E, they are applying their trademark heart and visual beauty to a small robot. Yet while the main character this time around is short in stature, the expectations for the film are as big as ever.

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Audiences Didn't Feel The 'Love'

96 comments on June 23, 2008 by Phil Contrino

By Phil Contrino This past weekend was supposed to result in an epic battle between two comedy heavyweights. Get Smart and The Love Guru were expected to battle it out in grand fashion for box office supremacy. Instead, Guru landed in theatres with a massive thud and Get Smart had the weakest #1 opening of the summer. So, what happened? Chad Hartigan, Box Office Analyst for Exhibitor Relations provides a simple reason for Guru 's failure.

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Chris Carter Is Not A Lone Gunman

16 comments on June 21, 2008 by Phil Contrino

By Chad Greene When it comes to The X-Files, Chris Carter did not—and does not—act alone. Since the second season of the series, he has been aided and abetted by co-conspirator Frank Spotnitz—who helped him write and produce not only scores of episodes, but also this summer’s The X-Files: I Want to Believe. In addition, Spotnitz served for three years as the president of Carter’s Ten Thirteen Productions. And, in his own words, Spotnitz owes all that to “absolute dumb luck.” That, and to joining a book club when the then-wire reporter returned to Los Angeles to study screenwriting at the American Film Institute.

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The Emergence Of The Red-Band

81 comments on June 20, 2008 by Phil Contrino

By Adam Clement The following has been approved for mature audiences. No, this doesn’t concern pornography—just the latest omnipresent fad moving throughout big and small screens across America: trailer trash, so to speak. Back in March, The Hollywood Reporter broke news that Regal Entertainment Group had decided to run restricted, red-banded previews in front of R and NC-17-rated features and with that the flood gates opened. ...

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Exhibitor Profile: Mike Hurley

57 comments on June 19, 2008 by Phil Contrino

Boxoffice was able to get in touch with Mike Hurley , an exhibitor from the state of Maine, for the first installment of our Exhibitor Profile Series. Hurley, along with his wife, Therese Bagnardi, owns the Colonial Theatre in Belfast, Maine as well as the Temple Theatre in Houlton, Maine. He took the time to answer our questions about his life in the exhibition industry as well as his personal taste in movies. How many years have you been in the exhibition industry?: 14 How did you get started?

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