‘Avatar’ Overtakes ‘Dear John’

on February 09, 2010 by Daniel Garris

After finishing in second place over the weekend, Fox's Avatar has returned to first place at the box office. Avatar grossed $2.25 million on Monday, which out-paced Sony's Dear John by $111,138 for the day. Though Avatar finished behind Dear John this past weekend, it did top Dear John on Sunday and has now led the daily box office for two straight days (and 48 of the past 53 days). James Cameron's 3D blockbuster was down 56 percent from Sunday and down a slim 17 percent from last Monday. Avatar has grossed a record-breaking $631.60 million thus far and currently boasts a total gross to opening weekend ratio of 8.20 to 1.

Dear John finished in a close second with $2.14 million. The Screen Gems romantic drama starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried was down a solid 49 percent from Sunday. However, it should be noted that daily declines from Super Bowl Sunday were strong for most non-family films on Monday. Dear John has exceeded expectations with a four-day start of $32.61 million and is currently running 10 percent ahead of the pace of last year's He's Just Not That Into You (which also opened the weekend before Presidents Day weekend).

Lionsgate's From Paris with Love placed in third with $0.82 million. The action-thriller starring John Travolta was down a respectable 43 percent from Super Bowl Sunday, but has only managed a very disappointing $8.98 million through four days nonetheless. Travolta has a long hit and miss history at the box office and From Paris with Love is clearly the actor's second miss within the last few months (joining November's Old Dogs).

Warner's Edge of Darkness finished in fourth with $0.66 million. The comeback film for Mel Gibson was down 38 percent from Sunday, which marked one of the day's smaller daily percentage declines among wide releases. At the same time, Edge of Darkness was still down a sharp 50 percent from last Monday as a result of falling 60 percent over the weekend. Edge of Darkness has grossed $29.61 million through 11 days, placing it 3 percent behind the pace of 2008's Rambo.

Fellow Warner Bros. release The Book of Eli rounded out the day's top five with $0.52 million. That was down only 31 percent from Sunday and down 30 percent from last Monday. The Book of Eli has grossed $82.57 million through 25 days and should reach the $90 million mark by the end of its run.

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