$146.6 Million for ‘Alice’ in First Week

on March 12, 2010 by Daniel Garris

Disney's Alice in Wonderland rounded out its first week in theatres with another very comfortable first place performance on Thursday. The 3D blockbuster from director Tim Burton grossed $6.77 million for the day, which was essentially unchanged from Wednesday. That is a very good sign for the film as it heads into its second weekend of release, where it will have no trouble remaining in first place. Alice in Wonderland has outpaced the great expectations placed upon it with a seven-day domestic start of $146.63 million. Furthermore, Alice in Wonderland simply dominated the marketplace this week, as its weekly gross was 68 percent higher than the combined grosses from the rest of the films in the week's top ten.

Paramount's Shutter Island remained in second place with $1.03 million. The Martin Scorsese directed thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio was up 7 percent from Wednesday and down a solid 36 percent from last Thursday. Shutter Island finished slightly ahead of Brooklyn's Finest to place in second for the week. After grossing $17.34 million in its third week of release, Shutter Island is on the brink of crossing the $100 million mark with a 21-day gross of $99.87 million.

Avatar was up 6 percent and one spot from Wednesday to move into third on Thursday. However, the sci-fi blockbuster from Fox was still down 52 percent from last Thursday. Avatar grossed $0.79 million for the day and $11.25 million for the entire week. That placed the film in fifth for the frame and represented an understandable 43 percent slide from the previous week. Avatar has grossed $723.74 million through 12 weeks.

Brooklyn's Finest continued to slide on Thursday as the ensemble crime drama fell 3 percent and one spot from Wednesday. The Overture release grossed $0.79 million, which was good enough for fourth place. Brooklyn's Finest slightly exceeded expectations last weekend, but didn't hold up that well during the midweek. With that said, the film still finished in third for the week with $17.06 million.

Warner's Cop Out continued to round out the daily top five. The comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan grossed $0.65 million, which was up 3 percent from Wednesday and down 42 percent from last Thursday. For the week Cop Out finished in fourth with $12.00 million. That was down 48 percent from the film's opening week gross and brings the film's two-week total to $35.21 million.

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