‘Alice in Wonderland’ Tops $125 M

on March 09, 2010 by Daniel Garris

Disney's Alice in Wonderland continued its tremendous start at the box office with a comfortable first place performance on Monday. The Tim Burton directed 3D blockbuster starring Johnny Depp grossed an additional $9.01 million for the day. That was down 71 percent from Sunday, which is a solid Monday decline at this time of year, especially given the scope of the film's opening weekend.

Alice in Wonderland has grossed $125.11 million through four days of release, placing the film 18 percent behind the pace of 2007's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (which had the added benefit of opening over Memorial Day weekend). Alice in Wonderland has outpaced its lofty expectations so far thanks in part to the strength of its 3D engagements and is already the highest grossing release of 2010 to date.

Brooklyn's Finest continued to maintain a slim lead over Shutter Island for second. The ensemble crime drama from Overture grossed $1.08 million on Monday, which topped Shutter Island by $65,527. Brooklyn's Finest was down 68 percent from Sunday and has now grossed a respectable $14.43 million in four days. That places Brooklyn's Finest 18 percent behind the pace of Righteous Kill, which was released by Overture in September of 2008.

Paramount's Shutter Island placed in third with $1.01 million. The successful thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio was down 69 percent from Sunday and down 43 percent from last Monday. Shutter Island has grossed $96.76 million through 18 days of release, which places the film just $3.24 million away from reaching the $100 million mark. Shutter Island currently ranks as the third highest domestic grossing film of 2010 (behind only Alice in Wonderland and Warner's Valentine's Day).

Avatar placed in fourth with $0.82 million. Yesterday marked the first time that James Cameron's sci-fi phenomenon grossed less than $1 million at the daily box office. Prior to Monday, Avatar had grossed at least $1 million domestically for 80 consecutive days. Avatar took a hit from Alice in Wonderland this past weekend, but was down a solid 35 percent from last Monday.

It was a good day for the respective winners of the Best Actor and Best Actress Oscars on the heels on Sunday's Academy Awards. Fox Searchlight's Crazy Heart finished in seventh on Monday with $0.38 million, while Warner's The Blind Side finished in eleventh with $0.16 million. Crazy Heart was down only 51 percent from Sunday and up an impressive 79 percent from last Monday. The Blind Side was down an even slimmer 43 percent from Sunday and up 95 percent over last Monday.

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