‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Avatar’ Tops on Wednesday

on March 04, 2010 by Daniel Garris

Shutter Island remained at the top of the daily box office for a thirteenth consecutive day on Wednesday. Paramount's well received R-rated thriller grossed $1.65 million for the day, which was down 15 percent from Tuesday and down 37 percent from last Wednesday. Shutter Island passed the $80 million mark yesterday and will pass the $90 million mark this weekend. However, this weekend will obviously bring an end to the film's run at the top of the box office with Disney's highly anticipated Alice in Wonderland opening in theatres on Friday.

Fox's Avatar continued to earn healthy midweek grosses on Wednesday with a daily take of $1.54 million. Avatar remained in second place, and trailed Shutter Island by only $112,749 for the day. The two films were close enough on Wednesday that Avatar has a realistic chance of pulling ahead of Shutter Island today. For the day Avatar was up 4 percent over Tuesday and up 28 percent over last Wednesday, as the 3D blockbuster continues to benefit from the approaching Alice in Wonderland and Academy Awards.

Warner's Cop Out remained in third place with $1.18 million. The Kevin Smith directed comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan was down 17 percent from Tuesday. That marked the day's second largest daily percentage decline among wide releases, which points towards a large second weekend decline for the film. So far Cop Out is performing in line with pre-release expectations with a six-day start of $22.10 million.

Holding steady in fourth was Overture's The Crazies. The horror remake grossed $0.96 million, which was down a sharp 20 percent from Tuesday. That represented the day's largest daily percentage decline among wide releases, marking the second straight day that was the case. Despite losing momentum over the past two days, The Crazies is still running slightly ahead of expectations with a six-day start of $19.49 million.

Holding up much better was Fox Searchlight's Crazy Heart. The Oscar nominated film for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress grossed $0.34 million, which was up 6 percent from Tuesday and up 29 percent over last Wednesday. Crazy Heart is clearly experiencing a nice boost as we come closer to Sunday's Academy Awards and has now grossed $25.88 million to date.

Turing towards some of the Oscar nominated films for Best Picture still in the marketplace, Warner's The Blind Side grossed $122,371 on Wednesday, while Paramount's Up in the Air grossed $85,435. The Blind Side has grossed a massive $249.08 million to date and will soon clear the $250 million mark. Up in the Air boasts a current total gross of $82.31 million.

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