Strong Second Weekend for ‘Alice’

on March 15, 2010 by Daniel Garris

Disney's Alice in Wonderland continued to outpace expectations in its second weekend of release with a first place finish of $62.71 million. That represented the fifth largest second weekend performance of all-time without taking into account ticket price inflation. While the Tim Burton directed 3D film starring Johnny Depp was an absolute lock to win the weekend going in, in falling 46 percent from last weekend Alice in Wonderland held up better than expected. As was recently seen with recent 3D releases such as Avatar, Disney's A Christmas Carol and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the 3D format is also helping the holding power of Alice in Wonderland in the early days of its run.

The ten-day gross for Alice in Wonderland stands at $209.34 million, ranking it among the quickest films to ever reach the $200 million domestic milestone. That places the film a slim 4 percent behind the pace of 2007's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and already tops the $206.5 million unadjusted total gross of 2005's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Alice in Wonderland could hold up even better next weekend as moviegoers will want to catch the film before it loses 3D screens to Paramount's How to Train Your Dragon on March 26th and to Warner's Clash of the Titans on April 2nd.

With Alice in Wonderland holding up as well as it did, it wasn't much of a surprise that none of this weekend's four new releases were able to break out. Although it finished in second, the weekend's most disappointing performer was clearly Universal's Green Zone. The expensive action thriller opened with $14.31 million, which was below the film's already scaled back expectations. Though it was marketed heavily around the re-teaming of Bourne Ultimatum star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass, audiences once again showcased their disinterest in war films dealing with the ongoing conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Paramount's She's Out of My League debuted in third place with $9.78 million. The R-rated comedy starring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve debuted in line with pre-release expectations, which represented a solid start when considering the film's lack of star power. However, it should also be noted that the film's per-location average of $3,307 was the weakest among this weekend's four new wide releases as the film was released in a surprisingly high 2,956 locations.

Paramount also claimed fourth place as Shutter Island grossed $8.14 million after falling 38 percent from last weekend. In the process, the Martin Scorsese directed thriller passed the $100 million mark, making it the third release of 2010 to do so (joining Alice in Wonderland and Warner's Valentine's Day). Shutter Island represents the third film from Scorsese to reach the unadjusted $100 million mark (joining 2004's The Aviator and 2006's The Departed), with all three having starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

Summit's Remember Me debuted in fifth with an underwhelming $8.09 million. The vehicle for Twilight star Robert Pattinson was able to draw only a relatively small number of fans of Pattinson and the Twilight series. Remember Me was inexpensive for a mainstream studio release, though it is already appearing quite likely that the film will be very front-loaded towards its opening weekend performance given its weak weekend to Friday ratio of 2.27 to 1.

Our Family Wedding opened in sixth with $7.63 million. The comedy from Fox Searchlight starring Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera and Carlos Mencia opened in line with expectations. Though it was the lowest grossing of this weekend's four new releases, Our Family Wedding did post the second strongest per-location average of the four. Our Family Wedding also held up the best of the four new releases throughout the weekend with a weekend to Friday ratio of 3.06 to 1.

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