‘Dragon’ Tops Slow Weekend

on April 26, 2010 by Daniel Garris

How to Train Your Dragon returned to the top of the box office in its fifth weekend of release. The computer animated film from Paramount and DreamWorks continues to display extremely strong holding power as its weekend gross of $15.35 million was down just 22 percent from last weekend. While the performance of Dragon is exceptional for a film in its fifth weekend of release, the same couldn't be said about the overall box office. The $15.35 million gross of Dragon represented the lowest first place gross since The Final Destination led the frame of Sep. 4 to Sep. 6 of last year with $12.37 million in its second weekend of release.

Dragon has now grossed $178.35 million domestically through 31 days of release, which places the film $21.65 million away from the $200 million milestone. Internationally, How to Train Your Dragon grossed $11 million for the weekend. That brings the film's international total to $194 million and the film's worldwide total to $372.35 million.

This weekend's largest debut was registered by The Back-up Plan from CBS Films. The romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez debuted with $12.20 million, which was in line with pre-release expectations. The Back-up Plan opened weaker than many of Lopez's previous films, though that was widely expected given that it had been nearly five years since Lopez starred in a major wide release (2005's Monster-in-Law). At the same time, The Back-up Plan did represent a nice step up from the $6.01 million start of Extraordinary Measures, the previous effort from distributor CBS Films.

Despite the new competition from The Back-up Plan, Date Night continued to hold up well. The comedy from Fox grossed $10.46 million, which was down 37 percent from last weekend and kept the film in third place. Date Night opened on the low end of expectations a few weeks back, but is making up for that with very solid holding power (especially on Fridays and Saturdays). Date Night has grossed $63.33 million in 17 days of domestic release. Internationally, Date Night grossed $7 million this weekend, bringing its international total to $27.5 million.

Warner's The Losers opened below its already lowered expectations with a fourth place start of $9.41 million. A few weeks back the PG-13 rated comic book adaptation looked like a safe bet for a solid debut, but the film was ultimately unable to catch on with audiences. Clearly, moviegoers are already waiting for Iron Man 2 and next weekend's A Nightmare on Elm Street instead. The Losers did carry a low price-tag for a comic book adaptation, but the film's debut was disappointing nonetheless.

Fellow comic-book adaptation Kick-Ass fell four spots to finish in fifth. The R-rated Lionsgate release grossed $9.34 million, which was down 53 percent. While Kick-Ass didn't hold up that well, it also didn't take a second weekend nose dive, which is sometimes the case with comic book adaptations. However, the film should continue to fall off rapidly in the weeks ahead as the Summer box office season quickly approaches. The ten-day domestic start for Kick-Ass stands at a so-so $34.71 million. Kick-Ass has grossed $21.4 million internationally (where it is being handled by Universal).

After a very solid start on Earth Day, Oceans did come back down to Earth a bit over the weekend. The nature documentary from Disney's Disneynature label opened in eighth place with $6.06 million. Oceans debuted towards the lower end of expectations, but also registered the best per-location average of any film in wide release this weekend with a mark of $5,024. Oceans has grossed $8.53 million in four days of release, placing it 28 percent behind the pace of last year's Earth (though it should be noted that Oceans opened in 598 fewer locations than Earth did).

Warner's Clash of the Titans and Disney's Alice in Wonderland are slowing down domestically, but both continue to perform very well internationally. Titans grossed $33.5 million internationally over the weekend, while Alice grossed $26.7 million. Worldwide totals now stand at $388.2 million for Clash of the Titans and at $876.0 million for Alice in Wonderland.

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