'The Last Song' #1 on Wednesday

on April 02, 2010 by Daniel Garris

It was a good opening day for Disney's The Last Song. The first vehicle for Miley Cyrus outside of her Hannah Montana persona opened in first place on Wednesday with $5.13 million. While the film's run at the top of the daily box office will be short lived (it could fall behind How to Train Your Dragon as early as today and will obviously fall behind Clash of the Titans on Friday), yesterday's debut strongly suggests that the film will more than hold its own in during its first five days of release. A five-day start in the area of $25 million looks quite possible for The Last Song at this point.

Paramount's How to Train Your Dragon fell one spot to finish in second. The latest computer animated release from DreamWorks Animation grossed $4.53 million, which was down 6 percent from Tuesday. In past years, films have tended to hold up well on the Wednesday before Easter, but yesterday marked the second year in a row where that hasn't been the case, as all films in wide release were down from the previous day. How to Train Your Dragon has grossed $57.88 million in six days and will cross the $60 million mark today. Look for the film to hold up well over Easter weekend.

Like Dragon, Disney's Alice in Wonderland was also down one spot and 6 percent from Tuesday. The 3D blockbuster claimed third for the day with $1.91 million. That brings the film's 27-day gross to $299.46 million, which obviously means the film will reach the $300 million domestic milestone today. Alice in Wonderland was down only 20 percent from last Wednesday, as it is holding up well during the midweek. However, the film is likely to take a significant hit over the weekend when it loses 3D screens to Warner's highly anticipated Clash of the Titans.

Hot Tub Time Machine was down one spot to finish in fourth with $1.35 million. The R-rated comedy starring John Cusack was down 10 percent from Wednesday, which was an average hold for the day. However, given that there isn't a lot of audience cross-over between Hot Tub Time Machine and The Last Song, it is a bit discouraging that Hot Tub didn't hold up better yesterday. Hot Tub Time Machine has grossed $18.42 million in six days. Look for the film to take a sizable hit this weekend from Clash of the Titans.

Fox's Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Sony's The Bounty Hunter both fell one spot and 11 percent from Tuesday. Wimpy Kid grossed $1.10 million for the day, while Bounty Hunter grossed $1.01 million. Respective 13-day grosses for Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Bounty Hunter stand at $39.47 million and $41.62 million.

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