‘Titans’ #1, ‘Date Night’ #2 on Monday

on April 13, 2010 by Daniel Garris

Warner's Clash of the Titans led Monday's box office with $1.89 million. The 3D fantasy remake was down 74 percent from Sunday and down 70 percent from last Monday. With Spring Break and the Easter holiday now behind us, daily grosses for nearly all films were down sharply from last Monday. Clash of the Titans has grossed $112.12 million in just eleven days. However, so far the film is falling off noticeably faster than other 3D releases have over the past year. Clash of the Titans is currently running 15 percent behind the pace of 2007's 300 and should continue to fall further behind that pace in the weeks ahead.

Date Night remained in a close second place with $1.74 million on Monday. The romantic comedy from Fox starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey trailed Clash of the Titans by just $151,346 for the day. Given how close the two films were yesterday, it is quite possible that Date Night could overtake Titans for first place at some point during the midweek. Date Night has grossed a respectable $26.95 million in four days of release, placing the film 45 percent ahead of the four-day start of 2008's Baby Mama.

Paramount's How to Train Your Dragon placed in third with $1.38 million. The 3D computer animated film from DreamWorks was down 81 percent from Sunday and down 74 percent from last Monday. While midweek grosses will now come back down to Earth for Dragon, the film should continue to perform well on weekends going forward. How to Train Your Dragon has grossed $134.79 million in 18 days, which places the film 6 percent behind the pace of last year's Monsters vs. Aliens.

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? finished in fourth with $0.65 million. The sequel from Lionsgate was down 75 percent from Sunday and down 78 percent from last Monday. Married Too exceeded expectations back on Easter weekend, but is falling off very quickly, which is commonplace for Perry's films. Why Did I Get Married Too? has grossed $49.18 million in eleven days and is set to clear the $50 million mark on Wednesday.

Hot Tub Time Machine registered the day's best hold among wide releases. MGM's R-rated comedy starring John Cusack grossed $0.51 million, which was down 64 percent from Sunday and down 46 percent from last Monday. Despite yesterday's hold, the film could still take a sizable hit this coming weekend from the one-two punch of Lionsgate's Kick-Ass and Sony's Death at a Funeral. The 18-day gross for Hot Tub Time Machine stands at $37.48 million.

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