'Shrek Forever After' continues to hold up well before 'The Karate Kid' and 'The A-Team' hit theatres.

$194.25 Million for ‘Shrek 4’ in Three Weeks

on June 11, 2010 by Daniel Garris

In what should be its last day at the top of the daily box office, Paramount's Shrek Forever After led Thursday's box office with $2.78 million. The latest computer animated film from DreamWorks was down 3 percent from Wednesday and down 23 percent from last Thursday as the film continues to hold up nicely. Shrek Forever After finished in first place for a third straight week with a weekly gross of $36.51 million. That brings the film's three-week total to $194.25 million. With a current total gross to opening weekend ratio of 2.74 to 1, Shrek Forever After has already outpaced the 2.65 to 1 ratio Shrek the Third generated throughout its entire run. However, Shrek Forever After is still running 27 percent behind the pace of Shrek the Third.

Get Him to the Greek rounded out its first week in theatres with another second place finish. Universal's R-rated comedy grossed $1.96 million for the day, which was down 13 percent from Wednesday. That represented the day's largest daily decline among wide releases. Since Get Him to the Greek was affected by the NBA Finals more than any wide release this week (it had strong holds on Monday and Wednesday and poor holds on Tuesday and Thursday), it will take a bit longer before a clearer picture of the film's holding power emerges. Get Him to the Greek finished in second for the week with $26.46 million. Greek is running 10 percent ahead of the pace of 2008's Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Killers remained in third with $1.51 million. That represented a decline of 6 percent from Wednesday for the Lionsgate release starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Killers grossed $22.25 million in its first week of release, which was good enough for third place this week. While the film opened in line with pre-release expectations, its performance was still underwhelming when taking into account its production cost and the box office histories of both Kutcher and Heigl. Killers opened 16 percent weaker than this year's The Bounty Hunter.

Fox's Marmaduke held steady in sixth with $1.15 million. That was down 9 percent from Wednesday and brings the film's one-week total to an underwhelming $16.28 million. Marmaduke is currently running 11 percent behind the pace of 2007's Underdog. However, with Sony's The Karate Kid and Disney's Toy Story 3 respectively entering the marketplace today and next Friday, it is unlikely that Marmaduke will hold up as well as Underdog did. Look for Marmaduke to finish its domestic run in the neighborhood of $35 million.

Splice grossed $0.60 million on Thursday to bring its one-week total to $10.21 million. The R-rated sci-fi horror film opened towards the lower end of expectations last weekend and lost a good deal of momentum throughout the midweek. That strongly suggests that Splice is likely to experience a very sharp second weekend decline, especially given its genre and the debuts of The Karate Kid and Fox's The A-Team.

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