'The Expendables' and 'Eat Pray Love' continue to lead as summer midweek grosses continue to slow.

‘Expendables’ Tops ‘Eat Pray Love’ Yet Again

on August 27, 2010 by Daniel Garris

In another very close race at the daily box office, Lionsgate's The Expendables was able to stay just ahead of Sony's Eat Pray Love on Thursday. The Expendables grossed $1.485 million, which topped Eat Pray Love by just $11,749 (and 0.8 percent) for the day. The Sylvester Stallone directed action film was down 10 percent from Wednesday, which was a solid daily hold given that most wide releases experienced daily declines of at least 10 percent. The Expendables was the week's top film with $24.12 million. That was down 50 percent from last week and brings the film's two-week total to an impressive $72.51 million.

Eat Pray Love remained in a very close second with $1.473 million. The Julia Roberts vehicle from Sony was down 9 percent from Wednesday and down 45 percent from last Thursday. Eat Pray Love finished in second for the week with $18.61 million. That was down 47 percent from the previous week and places the film's two-week total at $53.72 million. Eat Pray Love is set to clear the $60 million mark by the end of the weekend. 

Lionsgate and Sony will continue to battle it out this weekend with Lionsgate releasing The Last Exorcism and Sony releasing Takers today.

Sony's The Other Guys held steady in third with $0.90 million. The buddy cop comedy was down 14 percent from Wednesday and down 47 percent from last Thursday. Meanwhile, Warner's Inception was up one spot from Wednesday to claim fourth place with $0.79 million. That was down 9 percent from Wednesday and down 38 percent from last Thursday. Respective total grosses for The Other Guys and Inception stand at $92.73 million and $265.64 million.

Positions five through eight were occupied by four of last weekend's new films, with fifth place and eighth place being separated by only $57,901 for the day.  Weinstein's Piranha 3D led the pack with $0.74 million, while Fox's Vampires Suck followed closely behind with $0.71 million. Miramax's The Switch finished in seventh with $0.68 million, while Universal's Nanny McPhee Returns was down four spots and a sharp 23 percent from Wednesday to place in eighth with $0.68 million. With many schools in the process of starting back up, family films experienced especially harsh daily declines on Thursday.

Vampires Suck claimed the highest weekly gross of last weekend's new releases with a first week take of $16.25 million. That places the nine-day total for the spoof at $22.61 million. Other opening week grosses included (in order of finish): $13.96 million for Piranha 3D, $13.43 million for Warner's Lottery Ticket (which placed in tenth on Thursday with $0.531 million), $12.28 million for Nanny McPhee Returns and $11.83 million for The Switch. Look for all five films to remain very close to one another over the weekend.

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