'Vampires Suck' tumbles on Thursday, while most holdovers experience notable daily declines as well.

‘The Expendables’ Reclaims First Place

on August 20, 2010 by Daniel Garris

After finishing in second on Wednesday, Lionsgate's The Expendables returned to the top of the daily box office on Thursday. The Sylvester Stallone directed action film grossed $2.73 million. That was down 10 percent from the previous day, though it should be noted that daily declines for most wide releases were larger than usual for a Thursday. Clearly, midweek grosses are now slowing with the end of the summer box office season right around the corner. The Expendables grossed a strong $48.39 million in its first week, but is likely to experience a sizable second weekend decline this weekend. With that said The Expendables still looks set to find itself in a tight battle for first place this weekend with Fox's Vampires Suck and maybe even Sony's Eat Pray Love.

Speaking of Eat Pray Love, the Julia Roberts vehicle was up one spot to finish in a very close second with $2.67 million. That was down 9 percent from Wednesday. After opening towards the lower end of expectations last weekend, Eat Pray Love held up quite nicely throughout the midweek and is now on the verge of catching The Expendables in the daily rankings. While Eat Pray Love is still likely to finish behind The Expendables this weekend, it should overtake the action film in the daily rankings before much longer. Eat Pray Love grossed $35.11 million in its first week of release, which was 12 percent stronger than the first week performance of last year's Julie & Julia.

After a very solid first place start on Wednesday, Vampires Suck lost major momentum on Thursday with a third place take of $2.35 million. The latest spoof for the team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer was down 42 percent from Wednesday. That was a troubling daily decline for the film, even when taking into account the larger than normal daily declines across the board on Thursday. With a two-day start of $6.36 million, Vampires Suck is now running 10 percent behind the pace of The Sorcerer's Apprentice (which fell a much softer 17 percent on its second day of release). At this point it appears more likely that Vampires Suck will open in the mid-teens as opposed to the high-teens this weekend.

Sony's The Other Guys and Warner's Inception continued to respectively occupy fourth and fifth places. The Other Guys grossed $1.71 million for the day, while Inception took in another $1.28 million. The Other Guys was down 11 percent from Wednesday, down 51 percent from last Thursday and has now grossed $78.09 million through two weeks. Inception was down 7 percent from Wednesday, down 41 percent from Thursday and boasts a five-week total of $254.19 million.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World finished in sixth for a second straight day. The Universal release grossed $1.04 million, which was down 9 percent from Wednesday. While Scott Pilgrim held up reasonably well during the midweek (outside of Wednesday), it didn't hold up well enough to make up for its front-loaded opening weekend performance. Scott Pilgrim grossed a disappointing $15.70 million in its first week and is likely to experience a sizable second weekend decline.

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