Megamind, Due Date and For Colored Girls grossed a combined $98.2 million this weekend.

$46.0 Million Debut for ‘Megamind

on November 08, 2010 by Daniel Garris

As was widely expected, Megamind debuted in first at this weekend's crowded box office. The latest 3D computer animated film from Paramount and DreamWorks Animation grossed $46.02 million, which was in line with pre-release expectations. Compared to some of the year's earlier computer animated releases, Megamind opened 5 percent stronger than the $43.73 million start of How to Train Your Dragon and 18 percent softer than the $56.40 million start of Despicable Me. However, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 less than two weeks away Megamind will have a very tough time duplicating the holding power of either Dragon or Despicable Me. Megamind could still hold up well in its own right though after registering a strong opening weekend to Friday ratio of 3.67 to 1 over the frame.

Megamind was aided in a pretty big way from 3D admissions. 66 percent of the film's grosses came from its 2,634 3D locations. Somewhat surprisingly, female moviegoers accounted for 57 percent of the film's audience. The audience breakdowns for moviegoers under 25 (52 percent) and those over 25 (48 percent) were nearly even. Megamind was also clearly aided from the lack of a blockbuster-level family film over the past couple months. With no new family films entering the marketplace next weekend, the table is set for Megamind to hold up nicely until Harry Potter arrives.

Warner's Due Date debuted in second place with $32.69 million. The Todd Phillips directed comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis opened on the low end of pre-release expectations. Due Date opened 27 percent softer than the $44.98 million start of last year's The Hangover and 27 percent stronger than the $25.81 million debut of 2008's Tropic Thunder. With a B- CinemaScore and an opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.68 to 1, Due Date has little chance of holding up as well as either of those films did. But at this point the film does look to have a good chance of reaching the $100 million milestone before the end of its run.

Internationally Due Date grossed $22.0 million from 36 foreign markets. That places the film's worldwide debut at $54.7 million. Key international debuts for Due Date included $4.0 million in Germany, $4.0 million in Russia, $3.8 million in the United Kingdom, $1.4 million in Spain and $1.3 million in Mexico.

Lionsgate's For Colored Girls debuted in third place with $19.50 million. The latest film from writer-director Tyler Perry opened below its rising pre-release expectations. However, with a production budget in the area of $20 million For Colored Girls was still off to a very solid start, as it was easily the least expensive of this weekend's three wide releases.

Online buzz for the film was perhaps the strongest of any of Perry's films to date, but that buzz ultimately didn't help the film break out this weekend. The situation was a bit similar to this summer's Eat Pray Love, which debuted with $23.10 million. Like Eat Pray Love, For Colored Girls skewed extremely heavily towards female moviegoers over the age of 25 (82 percent of its audience was female and 87 percent over 25). The R-rated film's darker tone appears to have kept away some of Perry's fanbase this weekend, but it's also still possible that strong word of mouth could allow the film to hold up better going forward than Perry's films typically do.

Red continued to hold up amazingly well this weekend. Summit's action-comedy starring Bruce Willis grossed $8.65 million, which was good enough for fourth place and down a slim 19 percent from last weekend. That was an exceptional hold, especially given the amount of new product that entered the marketplace this weekend. Red has grossed a better than expected $71.66 million through 24 days of release. The film will soon become Summit's highest grossing non-Twilight release to date, as it is just $8.30 million away from the $79.96 million total gross of last year's Knowing.

The post-Halloween frame wasn't anywhere near as kind to last weekend's top two films, Lionsgate's Saw 3D and Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2. Saw 3D was down a massive 68 percent to take fifth place with $7.73 million, while Paranormal Activity 2 was down 57 percent to claim sixth with $7.03 million. Saw 3D has grossed $38.33 million through ten days, which is in line with expectations. Paranormal Activity 2 has grossed a much stronger $76.96 million after 17 days (especially when considering its smaller budget and the fact it hasn't had the help of higher priced 3D grosses). Look for both films to continue to fall off quickly going forward.

On the platform front Summit's Fair Game scored $651,082 from 46 locations, giving it a very respectable per-location average of $14,154. Fox Searchlight's 127 Hours grossed $264,851 from just 4 locations, giving it an impressive per-location average of $66,213. Both films will look to build momentum as they expand into more locations in the weeks ahead.

Additional Reporting by Phil Contrino.

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