Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I continued to lead on Wednesday, but Tangled wasn't far behind.

‘Harry Potter’ Still #1, ‘Tangled’ Stronger than Expected

on November 25, 2010 by Daniel Garris

Warner's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I continued to lead the daily box office on Wednesday. However, the race was closer than anticipated thanks to the strong opening day performance of Disney's Tangled. The seventh Harry Potter film grossed an estimated $14.47 million, which was up 41 percent over Tuesday and brings the film's six-day total to a massive $158.32 million. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is still in very good shape to take the five-day holiday weekend with a five-day gross in the area of $80 million. The race for the three-day weekend should be extremely close though, as the stronger family appeal of Tangled will very likely transfer into the stronger Friday hold between the two.

Tangled opened with a stronger than expected $11.6 million on Wednesday. Disney's latest computer animated film opened an impressive 46 percent stronger than the $7.97 million opening day start of 2007's Enchanted. Interest in Tangled is clearly much stronger than its modest online presence (even for a family film) had suggested, and the film is also being helped by its higher priced 3D admission prices. Tangled is on course for a second place finish in the area of $72 million for the five-day frame. Over the three-day weekend, Tangled should have no problem topping the $40.05 million debut of 2005's Chicken Little to generate the largest debut ever for a non-Pixar computer animated film from Disney.

Paramount's Megamind held up very well on Wednesday, as it finished just behind Sony's Burlesque for fourth place. Megamind will easily take third place over the five-day frame with a gross in the neighborhood of $19.5 million. That will mark an impressive holiday hold given the break-out performance of Tangled.

The news wasn't as good for the weekend's other three openers, as Burlesque, Fox's Love and Other Drugs and CBS Films' Faster were all a bit soft on Wednesday. Burlesque had the edge between the three on Wednesday, but is also likely to be the most front-loaded of the bunch. Burlesque appears headed for $16 million over the five-day frame. Love and Other Drugs is on course for $15 million, while Faster is set for just $10.5 million. However, given the strength of family fare on Wednesday, it is still possible that all three older-skewing films could hold up slightly better throughout the holiday weekend.

Fox's Unstoppable will also find itself within that pack as it is headed for a five-day gross in the area of $15 million. Warner's Due Date will come in a bit lower with a five-day take in the area of $9.5 million. Both performances will represent solid holiday holds.

Please note that because of the holiday, all grosses are estimates today.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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