Limitless remained in first place, while the marketplace as a whole experienced the typical Wednesday decline from Tuesday.

‘Limitless’ Tops Wednesday with $1.60 Million

on March 24, 2011 by Daniel Garris

Relativity's Limitless grossed $1.60 million on Wednesday to lead the daily box office for a sixth consecutive day. The modestly budgeted thriller starring Bradley Cooper was down 21 percent from Tuesday. That was in line with the type of daily declines most other films in the top ten experienced yesterday. Limitless has grossed a better than expected $24.45 million through six days of release. Today Limitless will overtake the $24.83 million current total gross of Season of the Witch to become Relativity's highest grossing film to date as a distributor.

The Lincoln Lawyer held steady in second place with $1.09 million. Like Limitless, The Lincoln Lawyer was down 21 percent from Tuesday. The Lincoln Lawyer has exceeded expectations with $16.89 million in six days and is in great shape to experience a strong second weekend hold this coming weekend. The Matthew McConaughey vehicle is currently running 10 percent behind the pace of 2009's Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Sony's Battle: Los Angeles remained in third with $1.00 million. The sci-fi action film was down 18 percent from Tuesday and down 58 percent from last Wednesday. As is commonplace for its genre, Battle: Los Angeles has been very front-loaded so far and is showing no signs of being able to reverse that trend. The film has grossed $63.98 million in 13 days, placing it 3 percent behind the pace of 2008's 10,000 B.C.

Rango was up one spot from Tuesday to claim fourth on Wednesday with $0.98 million. The computer animated film from Paramount fell 10 percent from Tuesday, as family fare experienced Wednesday's best daily holds. Rango has grossed $95.52 million through 20 days of release, leaving it just $4.48 million way from reaching the $100 million domestic milestone.

Universal's Paul was down one spot from Tuesday to round out Wednesday's top five. The sci-fi comedy grossed $0.91 million, which was down 20 percent from Tuesday. With a solid six-day start of $16.17 million, Paul continues to run in line with expectations. It is also appearing more and more likely that the film will be able to avoid being terribly front-loaded as it goes forward.

Further down on yesterday's daily chart The Adjustment Bureau took seventh place with $0.47 million. In the process the Universal release starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt reached the $50 million domestic mark. With a 20-day gross of $50.15 million, The Adjustment Bureau is Damon's highest grossing post-Bourne Ultimatum vehicle.

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