'Hangover Part II' Set For $86.5M Fri-Sun, $135M+ 5-Day; 'Kung Fu Panda 2' Underwhelms

on May 29, 2011 by Phil Contrino

With $30.01 million in the bank on Friday and $29.72 million on Saturday, Warner Bros. is estimating that The Hangover Part II will take in a staggering $86.48 million from Friday-Sunday. The sequel should grab around $19.5 million on Monday for a four day total of $106 million, and that will give it a total of $137.6 million over five days. The first Hangover made $59.2 million during its first five days, so this marks a substantial improvement. The sequel will set a new record for a 3-day debut by a comedy2002's Austin Powers in Goldmember previously held the record with $73 million. When it comes to R-rated openings, The Hangover Part II's 3-day total will be behind only The Matrix Reloaded's $91.7 million take in 2003. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End still holds the all-time four-day Memorial Day weekend record with $139.8 millionThe Hangover Part II ranks fourth on that list. Surprisingly, WB is reporting that 51% of the audience was female, and 54% was under 25. The overall CinemaScore rating is a healthy A-. Internationally, the comedy took in $59 million in 40 countries and 5,170 locations. The biggest location was the UK with £10.2 million ($16.4 million).

Kung Fu Panda 2 is being overshadowed in a big way by its raunchy competitor. The animated sequel managed $13.2 million on Friday and $18.65 million on Saturday. From Friday-Monday, Paramount is estimating that KFP2 should take in $64 million, giving it a 5-day total of $68.2 million. The first Kung Fu Panda took in $72.6 million during its first five days in 2008. Paramount is reporting that 54% of the audience was male, and 53% was under 25. The overall CinemaScore rating is A, which tops the originals A-. Internationally, KFP2 managed $57 million from 8,023 locations. Major #1 openings happened in China ($18.5 million from 5,540 locations), Russia ($15.0 million from 700 locations) and Korea ($13 million from 1,080 locations).

The Tree of Life was able to grab a solid $115,311 from 4 locations on Friday and $113,000 on Saturday. That's a relatively strong start for a film that's decidedly a tough sell. Writer/director Terrence Malick's opus may have a tough time reaching mainstream audiences due to its artsy, meditative nature.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will easily be the #1 film internationally this weekend. The sequel is set for another $122.9 million abroad this weekend for a total of $470.8 million. Disney is estimating that On Stranger Tides will have a worldwide total of $646.5 million through Monday.

Comparison Data:

Jan. 1 to May 29, 2011: $3,854,909,000*
Jan. 1 to May 29, 2010: $4,212,218,000
Total Decrease: $357,309,000, -8.5%

May 1 to May 29, 2011: $966,073,000*
May 1 to May 29, 2010: $816,708,000
Total Increase: $149,365,000, +18.3%

May 27 to May 29, 2011: $226,000,000*
May 28 to May 30, 2010: $152,021,000
Total Increase: $73,979,000, +48.7%


The 3-day total tops 2007's Memorial Day weekend 3-day total of $206.8 million. When adjusting for inflation, 2004 still holds the 3-day record with $243.8 million from a $192.7 million actual total.

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris.

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