X-Men: First Class led the way this weekend, but didn't deliver the box office punch of previous X-Men films.

Modest $55.1 Million Start for ‘X-Men: First Class’

on June 06, 2011 by Daniel Garris

Fox's X-Men: First Class topped the box office this weekend with $55.10 million. While that was by no means disastrous, it did represent the second lowest opening weekend of the franchise (ahead of only the $54.47 million start of 2000's X-Men) and the lowest debut of the franchise when adjusting for ticket price inflation. Clearly the re-launching of the franchise in prequel form diminished the rush-out factor in a big way this weekend, even more so without the presence of Wolverine. After opening with $21.40 million on Friday, the film generated a respectable opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.57 to 1. That suggests X-Men: First Class could hold up better than previous X-Men films (which have been very front-loaded traditionally), especially when factoring in the film's strong reviews and re-launch nature.

While X-Men: First Class opened much softer than the $85.06 million domestic start of 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it opened stronger internationally than Wolverine did in respective international markets. X-Men: First Class grossed $64 million from 74 foreign markets this weekend, placing its worldwide start at $119.1 million. Key international debuts for First Class included $9.0 million in the United Kingdom, $7.7 million in France, $5.3 million in Mexico, $5.2 million in South Korea and $5.0 million in Australia. Superhero films have tended to perform relatively stronger domestically than internationally in the past, but that trend may be changing based on the performance of Paramount's Thor and the early performance of X-Men: First Class.

The Hangover: Part II took a big hit this weekend as it was down a steep 63 percent from last weekend's three-day frame. Nonetheless, the blockbuster comedy from Warner Bros. still finished in second this weekend with $31.38 million. When looking past the percentage decline, the film's second weekend gross itself this weekend was still a sizable one. The Hangover Part II has now grossed a massive $185.81 million through eleven days of release, placing it just 14 percent behind the pace of 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Given that its daily grosses have now fallen behind the respective daily grosses of 2009's The Hangover, The Hangover Part II could very well finish below the $277.32 million total gross of The Hangover, but will obviously still be one of the largest films of the summer regardless.

Thanks in part to expanding into additional markets, The Hangover Part II held up significantly better internationally this weekend, where the film grossed $63.8 million from 53 markets. The film's international total currently stands at $154.0 million, placing its worldwide total at a very impressive $339.8 million. Key debuts this weekend included $13.0 million in Germany and $5.1 million in Russia, with notable second weekend grosses including $6.3 million in the United Kingdom, $6.1 million in Australia and $5.1 million in France.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was down 50 percent and one spot form last weekend's three-day frame to claim third with $23.89 million. While the computer animated sequel from Paramount and DreamWorks animation held up better than most of the weekend's other wide releases, it still didn't hold up especially well for a computer animated film that was already coming off an underwhelming start. The eleven-day domestic start for the film stands at $100.03 million. Fortunately, Kung Fu Panda 2 continues to perform much stronger internationally, where it grossed $40 million from just 28 foreign territories this weekend. That brings the film's international total to $125 million and worldwide total to $225.0 million.

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides took fourth place with $17.95 million. The blockbuster sequel starring Johnny Depp fell 55 percent, which was right in line with last weekend's decline. On Stranger Tides has grossed $190.20 million in 17 days, leaving it just $9.80 million away from reaching the $200 million domestic milestone. The real story for On Stranger Tides this weekend continued to be its amazing international performance, as it grossed $87.4 million over the weekend. The film's international total now stands at a simply massive $600.4 million, placing its current worldwide total at $790.6 million.

Universal reached a pair of domestic milestones this weekend as its Fast Five crossed the $200 million mark and its Bridesmaids surpassed the $100 million mark. Both films have exceeded expectations in a big way, especially Bridesmaids. Holding power continues to be very strong for Bridesmaids, as it was down just 27 percent this weekend to take fifth place with $12.04 million. Fast Five was down 51 percent to finish in seventh with $3.17 million.

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