'The Help' Tops Weak Wave of Newcomers

on September 04, 2011 by Phil Contrino

Four-day estimates:

The Help: $18 million*
The Debt: $12.2 million*
Apollo 18: $10.5 million**
Shark Night 3D: $10.5 million*
Colombiana: $9.3 million*
Our Idiot Brother: $6.5 million**
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World: $6.3 million**

*official distributor estimate
**Boxoffice.com estimate

The Help was able to easily fend off three newcomers during its fourth weekend in theaters in order to remain #1. At this point, a $150 million domestic haul looks like a very real possibility.

The Debt emerged as the weekend's strongest newcomer. The spy thriller managed to rake in $3.65 million on Saturdaya 40% increase from Friday's $2.19 million gross. Focus estimates that The Debt will have $14.084 million in the bank by the end of the extended weekend. A 72% approval rating from more than 12,000 Flixster users is a solid start.

Shark Night 3D and Apollo 18 are running very close, and either film could end up with a better four-day haul. For what it's worth, Apollo 18 has a 75% approval rating from 23,000 Flixster users, while Shark Night 3D has a mediocre 63% from more than 9,000 ratings.

Domestic Comparison Data:

Jan. 1 to Sept. 5, 2011: $7,360,381,000*
Jan. 1 to Sept. 5, 2010: $7,640,879,000
Total Decrease: $280,948,000, -3.7%

Sept. 1 to Sept. 5, 2011: $134,900,000*
Sept. 1 to Sept. 5, 2010: $125,945,000
Total Increase: $8,955,000, +7.1%

Sept. 2 to Sept. 5, 2011: $125,000,000*
Sept. 3 to Sept. 6, 2010: $132,790,000
Total Decrease: $7,790,000, -5.9%


Additional reporting by Daniel Garris.

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