Paranormal Activity 3 continues to run ahead of the pace of last year's Paranormal Activity 2.

$2.88 Million for ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ on Monday

on October 25, 2011 by Daniel Garris

Paramount's Paranormal Activity 3 grossed $2.88 million on Monday to lead the daily box office with ease for a fourth consecutive day. The blockbuster low-budget horror sequel fell 68 percent from Sunday, which was on par with the 68 percent last year's Paranormal Activity 2 fell on its first Monday. Paranormal Activity 3 has exceeded its lofty expectations with a four-day start of $55.45 million, placing it an impressive 29 percent ahead of the $43.11 million four-day start of Paranormal Activity 2.

The Three Musketeers moved up two spots from its fourth place finish over the weekend to claim second on Monday with $0.66 million. The pricey 3D action-adventure film (being released domestically by Summit) fell 70 percent from Sunday. The Three Musketeers has grossed a lackluster $9.33 million through four days of release, as the film simply isn't appealing to domestic audiences thus far. However, it should be noted that The Three Musketeers is performing significantly stronger internationally.

Real Steel took third place with $0.60 million. The Disney released DreamWorks film was down 79 percent from Sunday and down 43 percent from last Monday. With that in mind, Real Steel appears to have taken a bigger hit from Game 5 of the World Series than most other wide releases did yesterday. Real Steel has grossed $67.34 million in 18 days, but will face a major hurdle when Paramount's Puss in Boots enters the marketplace on Friday.

Paramount's Footloose followed closely behind in fourth with $0.58 million. The dance film remake fell 75 percent from Sunday and 42 percent from last Monday. After a slower than expected start, Footloose held up nicely this past weekend and has now grossed $30.95 million in eleven days. That is in line with the lower end of expectations and places the film on par with the eleven-day start of last year's Step Up 3D.

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