'Real Steel' Headed For #1 Debut

on October 08, 2011 by Phil Contrino

Disney's Real Steel managed to rake in a strong $8.550 million on Saturday, which means that it will have no problem claiming the #1 spot during its debut frame. Word of mouth at this point is healthy with nearly 16,000 Flixster users combining to give the robot flick a 79% approval rating. The debut certainly comes as a relief for star Hugh Jackman. The Aussie actor has had more than his share of disappointments outside of the X-Men franchise, but Real Steel isn't one of them.

The Ides of March is off to a good start thanks to $3.450 million on Friday. George Clooney's political thriller may not break the bank this weekend, but Oscar buzz will help it to thrive for weeks to come. Clooney's films tend to have great staying power simply because they skew older. Case in point: Michael Clayton opened to $10.3 million before finishing with $49 million. Word of mouth looks promising thanks to a combined approval rating of 84% from nearly 10,800 Flixster users.

Check back tomorrow for studio weekend estimates.

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris.

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