The Hunger Games couldn't be stopped by American Reunion and Titanic 3D this weekend.

‘The Hunger Games’ Passes $300 Million

on April 09, 2012 by Daniel Garris

There was no stopping The Hunger Games once again this weekend as the blockbuster adaptation from Lionsgate easily held off both Universal's American Reunion and Paramount's Titanic 3D to remain in first place with $33.11 million. That represented the eighth largest third weekend gross of all-time without adjusting for ticket price inflation. After experiencing a sharp second weekend decline last weekend, The Hunger Games stabilized this weekend by falling 43 percent. The Hunger Games topped the $300 million mark on Sunday, its 17th day of release, which ties it with 2005's Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith as the sixth quickest film ever to $300 million domestically. With a 17-day total of $302.45 million, The Hunger Games is currently running 14 percent ahead of the pace of 2010's Alice in Wonderland.

The Hunger Games continued to hold up nicely internationally, as it grossed $25.5 million this weekend. That was down only 27 percent from last weekend's performance and brings the film's international total to $157.1 million. The current worldwide total for The Hunger Games stands at $459.6 million.

American Reunion debuted in second place with $21.51 million. The fourth theatrical installment of the American Pie franchise opened below the expectations of most and well below the opening weekend performances of both 2001's American Pie 2 ($45.12 million) and 2003's American Wedding ($33.37 million). American Reunion ended up performing fairly similar to last April's Scream 4, which opened with $18.69 million. However, going forward American Reunion is likely to generate stronger holding power than Scream 4 was able to. The audience breakdown for American Reunion was nearly evenly split between genders (51 percent male) and skewed heavily to moviegoers 25 and older (65 percent).

Internationally, American Reunion had a relatively more impressive start with $19.3 million from just 28 territories (placing the film's worldwide start at $40.8 million). Compared to performances in the same 28 territories, American Reunion opened 115 percent stronger than American Pie 2 and 105 percent stronger than American Wedding. Key international debuts this weekend included $5.1 million in Russia, $5.0 million in Australia and $1.6 million in Mexico. The film will continue its rollout into a number of other major markets in late April and early May.

Titanic 3D debuted in third place this weekend with $17.29 million. That places the film's five-day start at $25.65 million. The results so far have been mixed for Titanic 3D. One on hand the 3D re-issue represents a relatively small spend being split between Paramount (domestic) and Fox (international) and the film is performing well with that in mind. On the other hand, failing to out-open the recent 3D re-issues of both Fox's Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace ($22.47 million) and Disney's Beauty and the Beast ($17.75 million) has to be seen as a lackluster start for the re-issue of one of the highest grossing films of all-time. In hindsight Easter weekend may have not been the best time to open a film with a running time of over three hours, but that could also help Titanic 3D hold up better than previous 3D re-issues as it goes forward.

The audience breakdown for Titanic 3D skewed towards female moviegoers (60 percent) and somewhat surprisingly towards moviegoers under 25 (51 percent). The all-time unadjusted gross for Titanic currently stands at $626.43 million.

Coming as no surprise, Titanic 3D opened stronger internationally with a $35.3 million take from 53 markets (placing the film's worldwide total at $61.0 million). Key debuts included $5.2 million in Russia, $4.4 million in the United Kingdom, $3.4 million in Germany, $3.1 million in Italy, $3.0 million in France, $1.9 million in Australia and $1.8 million in Spain. Titanic 3D is set to open in China on Tuesday.

Warner's Wrath of the Titans fell 56 percent and two spots to land in fourth with $14.73 million. The big-budget 3D fantasy sequel has grossed a lackluster $58.61 million in ten days of domestic release. However, Wrath of the Titans continues to perform significantly stronger internationally, as it grossed $42.1 million from 60 markets this weekend. That places the film's international total at $151.6 million and worldwide haul at $210.2 million.

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