‘The Expendables 2’ is #1, but Set to Open Below its Predecessor

on August 18, 2012 by Daniel Garris

Lionsgate's The Expendables 2 is off to mixed results this weekend. After grossing an estimated $10.5 million on Friday, the ensemble action sequel is headed for an opening weekend take of $28.5 million. On one hand The Expendables 2 will easily lead the box office this weekend (and will have a very good chance of doing so again next weekend), but on the other hand the film will open below the $13.33 million opening day and $34.83 million opening weekend performances of The Expendables back in August of 2010. With such a weak line-up the next three weeks, there is the potential for The Expendables 2 to hold up better than The Expendables did, but the more front-loaded nature of sequels in general will be working against the film as well going forward.

After displaying lackluster holding power during the midweek, The Bourne Legacy built up larger than expected momentum on Friday by grossing an estimated $5.3 million. The fourth installment of Universal's action thriller franchise is on pace for a second place second weekend take of $17.0 million. That would be a 55 percent slide from last weekend, which would represent a respectable hold given the added competition from The Expendables 2 and would bring the film's ten-day total to $69.6 million.

Focus' ParaNorman and Sony's Sparkle were neck and neck for third place on Friday. The two films should remain close throughout the weekend, with ParaNorman likely to be slightly less front-loaded towards Friday than Sparkle. Also in the mix for third place over the weekend is Warner's The Campaign. The three films are on course to finish within $1 million of one another during the frame.

Further down on Friday's chart, Warner's The Dark Knight Rises grossed an estimated $3.125 million. In the process, the third installment of Christopher Nolan's superhero trilogy passed the $400 million mark on Friday. The Dark Knight Rises reached the milestone in 29 days and will boast a domestic gross in the neighborhood of $409.8 million by the end of the weekend.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green grossed an estimated $3.40 million on Friday. The family film from Disney is on track to gross $10.8 million over the weekend, which would place the film's five-day start at a solid $15.1 million.

Additional reporting by Phil Contrino.

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