'Resident Evil' Upstages 'Nemo 3D' for #1; 'The Master' Breaks Records

on September 16, 2012 by Shawn Robbins

Sony officially estimates that Resident Evil: Retribution will open to $21.1 million, including $8.4 million on Friday and $7.64 million on Saturday. The audience breakdown was 64% male and 45% under the age of 25. Sony reports that 48% of the opening came from 3D and 14% from IMAX. The domestic opening is par for the course for the franchise, although with 3D and IMAX premiums considered it represents a continued decline in actual tickets sold when compared to the previous four films (the most recent, Afterlife, opened to $26.7 million two years ago). Still, no other video game-based movie series has come anywhere near Resident Evil's successful longevity.

Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo 3D re-release hauled in $17.5 million over the weekend, including $5.06 million on Friday and $7.02 million on Saturday. If estimates hold, Nemo's 3D opening will end up less than The Lion King 3D ($30.2 million), The Phantom Menace 3D ($22.5 million) and Beauty and the Beast 3D ($17.8 million). The film's original run in 2003 was good enough to still rank #24 all-time domestically entering this weekend. Nemo's combined estimated domestic total is now $357.2 million, pushing it to #21 all-time.

The Master continued the impressive pace set by its record-breaking Friday debut of $242,127 with another estimated $263,577 on Saturday, putting the estimated opening frame at an incredible $729,745. With an average of $145,949 from each of its 5 theaters, the Paul Thomas Anderson art house flick is projected to open with a higher PTA than Moonrise Kingdom ($130,749) did at 4 theaters back in May. That puts The Master among the ten best opening weekend theater averages in history, and potentially the best for a live action movie. (Sidenote: reported box office results on Kevin Smith's Red State are unofficial due to vastly conflicting reports at the time.) In either case, let The Master's Oscar campaign begin.

Rocky Mountain Pictures estimates that Last Ounce of Courage debuted to $1.7 million at 1,407 locations this weekend.

After two weeks at #1, Lionsgate's The Possession pulled another $5.8 million over the weekend. Including $1.8 million on Friday and $2.6 million on Saturday, the estimated total through Sunday is $41.17 million.

Lastly, Paramount estimates a $400k weekend for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in its extended re-release at 322 theaters. The pic tallied $106k on Friday and $173k on Saturday. Total stands at $2.835 million through Sunday, including IMAX revenue from last week.

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris.

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